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Mentor Spotlight: Paul Ross, Co-founder of Reptile

Futurpreneur | May 9, 2018

When entrepreneurs go through Futurpreneur Canada’s Start-Up Program, along with receiving financing and access to key resources, they are also paired with a mentor for two years.

While this mentorship is extremely valuable for our entrepreneurs, it also works both ways. Many of our mentors say that they learn as much from their mentees as their mentees learn from them.

Paul Ross, co-founder of digital agency Reptile, is one of those mentors.

He has been passionate about business and digital strategy from an early age. When he was still a little boy, his entrepreneurial spirit was already well developed.

“When I was six, I asked my parents to buy me a computer and I sold rocks door to door. I think it says everything about me,” says Paul.

For him, the most important thing a new entrepreneur can have is a supportive community.

“When I started, I had the privilege of being supported by a variety of mentors, including my father who was Vice President at Domtar. I would not be where I am today if these people had not accompanied me. [That] is one of the keys to success,” says Paul.

Paul also recognizes the importance of a mentor/mentee relationship based on listening, sharing and communicating. Discover his relationship with his mentee, Vincent Gagnon, founder of M2GO, an online furniture company supported by Futurpreneur.

“I think the Futurpreneur program is a really a great tool for young entrepreneurs. I want to congratulate you for setting up such a program. I think it’s important to support entrepreneurial succession, there is so much talent here,” says Paul.

You can check Paul Ross’s business, reptile.tech, as well as his entrepreneurial project, limeblogue.ca

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Written by: Charlotte Robert, Bilingual Copywriter, Futurpreneur Canada