Our land acknowledgement

Our land acknowledgement

At Futurpreneur we know that a land acknowledgment should be motivated by genuine respect and support for Indigenous Peoples. Speaking and hearing words of recognition is an important step in creating collaborative, accountable, continuous, and respectful relationships with Indigenous nations and communities.

As a national organization, Futurpreneur honours and acknowledges the traditional and ancestral territories of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples across the country.

We recognize the diversity of Indigenous peoples and communities coast to coast, including over 600 First Nations Communities, four Inuit Nunangat regions comprising 53 Inuit communities, Métis Nations, settlements and regions, Treaties 1-11, 25 modern treaties, and all unceded territories. 

We respect the historic and current relationship Indigenous peoples have to the land on which we reside.

We are committed to collaborating and establishing respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples by striving to practice reconciliation in our everyday lives, communities, and workplaces and recognise the work we have to do to ensure our words have meaning.

We encourage you to take part in learning the local Indigenous history of the land on which you reside. Here are some resources you can start with:

Native Land
Land acknowledgements at the Canadian Encyclopedia