Black communities

Futurpreneur supports and represents Black communities across Canada. We continue to expand our offerings and resources for Black entrepreneurs by increasing representation within our teams and creating an overall culture of inclusion at every level.

Our programs

Startup + Prosper

Our Startup + Prosper podcast focuses on key elements of entrepreneurship, while providing a special spotlight on the current state of Black entrepreneurship within Canada. Episodes alternate in English and French. Full playlist and transcribed translations are available on YouTube. Watch here:

Meet a Futurpreneur

I would recommend the Black Entrepreneur Startup Program because accessing funds as a start-up business has its own set of challenges. Futurpreneur, in instituting this program, also understands that obtaining credit as a Black entrepreneur has additional specific barriers. By creating a program that focuses not only on business financing, but on Black-owned business success, one comes away motivated and inspired!

Alexandra Nerette

Nerette Notaires


Saint-Lambert, Québec

[Futurpreneur] funding helped us scale up the business in terms of getting the right vendors and suppliers and sourcing out to the right manufacturers. It was really helpful to get up and running. Any time there is a program that offers access to funding and mentorship, this is always welcomed.

Reuben & Lévi Uwi

Uwi Twins Fashion Label


Vancouver, British Columbia

In the beginning, no bank would look at me. Futurpreneur went out of their way—even during COVID—to ensure that I was not only being supported but being educated. They helped me understand my health and wellness business from so many new perspectives.

Shawn Raymond

Shawn R Training


Leduc, Alberta

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In addition to our core startup programs, we have tailored programs for Black and Indigenous entrepreneurs.
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