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20th Anniversary Spotlight on Precision Healthcare: A Dozen Years in Business

Lauren Marinigh | August 3, 2016


This year, Futurpreneur Canada celebrates their 20th Anniversary, and to celebrate, we chatted with one of our longest standing entrepreneurs that we helped 12 years ago to see where his business has taken him since the early days of starting.

Interest in computer programming came early in life for entrepreneur, John Simpson. His parents gave him his first computer when he was 12 and while all his friends were busy playing games, John spent his time trying to learn how to program on it. His passion for programming continued on throughout high school and eventually led him to attending St. Clair College in Chatham, Ontario where he developed the skills to make his passion for programming a career.

In 2004, John took the leap into entrepreneurship after dabbling in side contract work for many years. He started, Precision Healthcare Solutions, a company that is dedicated to delivering innovative and cost saving solutions that have an impact on patient care and staff resources in the healthcare industry. John started his business with a six month contract in Palo Alto, California with a children’s hospital, and with the hospital being so impressed with their work, their contract was extended numerous times over 10 years. “During this time, I was making many contacts and began to expand our client base to other hospitals throughout the USA,” he explained.

As Precision Healthcare’s clientele increased, so did the growth in the company. John began to expand their team with sub-contractors which worked well with the fluctuation of his business due to the economy, hospital government funding and hospital project plans. Today, Precision Healthcare is in four different US states and one Canadian province, with goals to expand out of the consulting industry and into product development which would help them create better solutions for more than a handful of hospitals at once.

So what’s the secret in creating a growing and lasting business like Precision Healthcare? John shared that he believes the secret is that he’s kept Precision Healthcare very small. “We could have expanded rapidly with a large team of programmers, however I personally ensure that our clients are getting the best quality of work in the industry,” Simpson shared. “We sell ourselves as a premium service and I firmly believe that staying true to the quality of work is more important than just putting a body in a seat to make more profit.”

His advice for aspiring or new entrepreneurs is to not let early success change your lifestyle too much: “The market can change quickly and if you are living life large, it may bite you later on. With early success it’s pretty easy to want to upgrade your house and buy boats, cars and other toys. Thinking ahead and staying modest will secure a long lasting future and possibly help you through any rough patches you may have in your business.”

Written By: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Creation Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada