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Clear float spa: Floating to Business Success

Lauren Marinigh | January 23, 2017

After discovering the benefits of meditation at the age of 23, Bryce Weeks found it difficult to return to that deep meditative state while struggling with the demands of everyday life. This is when he discovered floating. Floatation therapy is where clients enter a special solution of salinated water, where the buoyancy makes you float on the water without any effort. Bryce found that this helped him return to his meditative state easier with great transformative benefits. This is where his passion grew to help others who were struggling with stress, energy and life goals and he opened clear float spa in Calgary, Alberta.

When you arrive at clear float spa you are taken through an experience which is designed to remove anxiety and stress. “From the moment you walk in you are put at ease with a warm smile and a lot of information to help ease you into a brand new environment,” he explained. After you finish your float you are greeted with a personalized message and a hot tea or kombucha that you can take with you into a post-float Zen room where you can read, relax or connect with other floaters.

After 30-45 minutes floating, you’ll move into a natural meditative theta brainwave state that activates the parasympathetic nervous (PN) system. This activation of the PN system reduces the release of stress chemical, cortisol which leads to a reduced heart rate, lowered blood pressure and numerous other benefits. Your brain will also begin to release elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness.

A Clear Float Spa float pod.

Although floating is becoming more and more popular, the approach that Bryce takes at clear float spa is different than other spas. “Our approach is different in the sense that we promote consistency,” he shared. “Most float centers offer 90 minute floats but most people don’t have two hours out of their day to float so they then rush to get back to their life and feel anxious all over again.” Instead, clear float spa offers 60 minute floats with a relaxing post-float Zen room to decompress and relax after the float instead of jumping back into your chaotic life.

This unique atmosphere and relaxing experience has attracted many customers into the spa but in particular, some high profile celebrities which Bryce asks to remain anonymous. “I would say the only way we attracted them was through our strong online strategy coupled with a strong high end branding strategy,” he says. “We attract high profile clients because we appear to be the elite brand in town due to our online presence, social media strategy and website.”

Bryce says that his biggest challenges he’s faced with starting his business was getting the financing he needed and opening the doors. “Financing and construction were probably two of the toughest milestones for me so far and when I look back I still cannot believe the doors are open for business,” he shares. The help he received through Futurpreneur Canada has been incredibly helpful for keeping him on track. Through the Futurpreneur program, entrepreneurs are paired with a mentor for up to two years, and he explains this as being monumental for him and his business. “My mentor has been through the battle of starting a business so the reassurance that you are on the right path and that someone has been in a similar situation before is very comforting.”

We can’t wait to continue to see the success of clear float spa blossom. Bryce wanted to leave other entrepreneurs with one piece of advice: “Don`t listen to what anyone else says.  If you find a product that you are passionate about and you think it can help people then focus hard on that and only that.  If you do that nothing can stop you.”