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Dev Chengkalath thanks his mentor

Futurpreneur | April 25, 2013

Celebrate National Volunteer Week like CYBF moMENTum participant Dev Chengkalath, founder of Primal Human Performance, who had the following praise for his CYBF mentor Jan Mollenhauer:

“Our mentor Jan has really impacted us by helping us move from a more tactical ‘focused on the next day’ organization, to a more long-term strategy focused organization.  With her guidance, specifically on the marketing end of the business, she has helped us to think about the long-term goals of our organization; better understand our niche customers through certain insights; and link and prioritize our limited marketing budget to our long-term goals.

Her approach doesn’t involve just handing us the answers, but rather facilitating discussion and asking thought-provoking questions – which not only moves us in the right direction, but helps us to learn a marketing mindset that is more strategically focused. We come away from each of our meetings excited and re-energized about the long-term potential of our business. Thank you Jan!”

CYBF has created a thank you card you can download here to recognize your mentor and show them how much you appreciate their feedback and the value they provide to your business. We encourage all CYBF entrepreneurs to reach out to their mentors by imbedding or attaching the thank you card in an email, and why not share your praise on twitter using #iheartmentors or #CYBF in your posts.

Also, check out our blog post which includes a video by CYBF CEO, Julia Deans, who thanks and recognizes our tremendous mentors and volunteers.