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Empowered to succeed: Jessica Wylychenko’s Growth Accelerator experience 

Mahjabeen Quader | July 10, 2024

Futurpreneur Jessica Wylychenko was interested in accelerating the growth of her small business. The Futurpreneur Growth Accelerator, presented by Spin Master and Lexus Canada, has helped her to do just that. 

Geared towards ambitious Futurpreneurs, the Growth Accelerator program, presented by Spin Master and Lexus Canada, is your launchpad to successfully propel your startup toward rapid growth and success. Participants engage in interactive workshops over an eight-week period, culminating in a strategy pitch competition judged by Spin Master, Lexus, and entrepreneurial ecosystem partners in Toronto. The Growth Accelerator panel of judges includes representatives from Spin Master and Lexus, as well as other partners. The pitch competition awards $10,000 to the Futurpreneur who presents the most compelling vision for growth. 

Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey led to the successful Hudson Bagels, an establishment that has since become a beloved local business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Reflecting on her journey, Jessica recalls how her passion for entrepreneurship was rekindled during her time with the Growth Accelerator program. 

The Growth Accelerator program provided Jessica with new perspectives and opportunities for her business. Surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs, the program’s environment fueled her ambition, pushing her to think bigger and explore new avenues for growth. Each workshop served as a stepping stone, providing actionable insights and prepping her for future challenges. 

One pivotal session on cash flow management transformed how Jessica viewed her business’s financials. The guidance helped her dive deep into understanding and managing her cash flow, laying a solid foundation for future growth. This newfound financial acumen allowed her to project and plan for her business’s expansion more effectively. 

In today’s business landscape, social impact and sustainability are non-negotiable. While her business was already involved in community initiatives, the Futurpreneur Growth Accelerator two-day summit event and pitch competition in Toronto helped her address sustainability challenges. Inspired by the discussions, she plans to implement small yet significant changes, such as reducing plastic use in packaging and collaborating with delivery companies to adopt sustainable practices. 

Networking played a crucial role in Jessica’s journey. The summit provided a platform to connect with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and even a Futurpreneur board member. These connections opened doors for growth and strategic development, reinforcing the importance of building a robust professional network. 

The pitch competition was a defining moment for Jessica. Her meticulous preparation, clear understanding of the requirements, and extensive practice paid off, despite the nerves of presenting to a large group. Jessica used her pitch as an opportunity to candidly share the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial experience with the Growth Accelerator cohort. The experience underscored the importance of confidence, transparency and preparation in business. 

BC-based Futurpreneurs, Jessica Bosman and Bryn Davis Williams, co-founders of DOUBL, were winners of the 2024 Growth Accelerator pitch competition, presented by Spin Master and Lexus Canada.

And the pitch competition winners were… DOUBL. While this wasn’t the result Jessica was hoping for, the experience was still fulfilling. Co-founders Jessica Bosman and Bryn Davis Williams from British Columbia impressed the judges with their innovative business, DOUBL, which specializes in made-to-measure bras powered by AI technology. Learn more about their exciting venture on their website and check out Futurpreneur’s Instagram post celebrating DOUBL’s win. 

A unique activity at the summit involved writing a letter to her future self. Jessica used this exercise to set a vision for her business and remind herself of her potential. It was a moment of reflection and motivation, reinforcing her commitment to growth and self-improvement. 

Jessica’s journey through the Growth Accelerator program was marked by significant learning, growth, and invaluable connections. Her story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities, continuous learning, and the impact of a supportive entrepreneurial community. Through her experiences, she has not only grown her business but also solidified her role as a passionate and resilient entrepreneur. 

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