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Futurpreneur Celebrates Supporting 10,000+ Entrepreneurs

Futurpreneur | September 5, 2017

Earlier this year, Samantha Stuart joined Futurpreneur and the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) for a business planning bootcamp to support the development of her new business, Samantha Stuart Photography. This Yellowknife entrepreneur walked away from that bootcamp with the skills and confidence to triple her sales and apply for the Futurpreneur Start-up Program. Not only did this allow her to open her first commercial space, but Samantha became the 10,000th entrepreneur to receive financing and mentorship from us.

Since 1996, we have been supporting young entrepreneurs with the launch and growth of their businesses across Canada. In the last 21 years, we have seen these entrepreneurs and their businesses flourish into incredible success stories and shape Canada and its economy.

That’s why we are so excited about the major milestone we hit when Samantha became part of our Start-up Program.

We’ve watched entrepreneurs like Elle AyoubZadeh of Zvelle have her products receive international attention when public figures like Sophie Gregoire Trudeau wore her shoes at the White House and other special events. We’ve seen small town entrepreneurs like David Brown of Mycodev Group and Chinova Bioworks win the Governor General’s Innovation Award, and dozens of other Futurpreneur-supported entrepreneurs on our television screens as they pitched (and landed deals) with the Dragon’s on Dragons’ Den.

In 21 years of over 10,000 entrepreneurs walking through our doors, these are just only a few of the success stories that have come out of what started as just an idea. We can’t wait to continue to help young people in Canada launch and grow their businesses and see what the next 10,000 have in store for our country.

To celebrate the 10,000 entrepreneurs we’ve supported, watch this video we created: