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Futurpreneur Entrepreneurs Celebrate Canada Day

Lauren Marinigh | June 30, 2015

It’s Canada Day and we’re celebrating all the entrepreneurs who are helping to build a strong future for this wonderful country we call home! We asked a few of our “Futurpreneurs” to give us their opinions on entrepreneurship in Canada and why it is so important to our country.

“Young entrepreneurs are not only crucial for the future of Canada, but the world. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers—and there is no shortage of crucial and urgent problems that the world needs solving. Everything from climate change, to simply improving our quality of life, young innovative Canadian entrepreneurs are what will drive our economy and keep Canada strong and competitive. With emerging economies around the world, we can’t simply rely on natural resources or production to be a primary source of economic activity. Instead young entrepreneurs are working hard to create businesses that rely on innovation as their main output, and in doing so they are building and creating the jobs for our future economy.”

– Denny Hollick, Orangedox (Vancouver, British Columbia)

“I think entrepreneurship in Canada is a give and take relationship. Not only do we, as entrepreneurs help make a stronger Canada but Canada also makes us stronger entrepreneurs by allowing us the freedom to create—freedom of thought, speech and to pursue our passions; to let us do what we really want. In all our inventive and quirky ways we can give back to our communities in a context that is both personal to us and beneficial to the diverse world we live in.”

– Kate Matheson, Eat and Thrive Meal Planning Co. (Toronto, Ontario)

“Young Entrepreneurs are changing the way that we look at life, and changing the way we make a living. Young entrepreneurs are collaborating with other young like-minded entrepreneurs rather than competing. We are also using our livelihood to make social change and by doing something bigger than ourselves. We are building a stronger Canada by using our passions to help build up other people. We are creating jobs, we are creating new exciting products and bringing production home to our communities. We are supporting local economies and other local businesses, community owned restaurants, shops and brands.”

– Devon Fiddler, SheNative (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

“Young entrepreneurs are building a stronger Canada through the experience they gain. Skills like management, marketing and more importantly, making a business sustainable, are things that you don’t learn in school. Being able to think like an entrepreneur is a handy weapon that’s highly valued. For these reasons, Canada is becoming a stronger, diverse, and more vibrant country with more potential each day someone decides to be an entrepreneur and does it successfully.”

– Andrew Oh, Mint Ultimate (Etobicoke, Ontario)

“Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative and forward-thinking. However, in order to build a stronger Canada we need to focus on exporting. Since the Canadian market is relatively small, any product or servicing business that is highly specialized must export outside of Canada. The objective is to keep production in Canada, increase the amount of sales offices in bigger foreign markets and drive the money back into Canada. Increasing high paying jobs in Canada and keeping our talent locally are the keys to keeping Canada a healthy business leader.”

– Awane Jones, Merchlar (Montreal, Quebec)

“Young entrepreneurs have drive, vision, and focus, they bring creative ideas to the communities they live in, which helps to diversify and support those communities. Consumers who support and buy products from young entrepreneurs are, in turn, supporting and strengthening their local economies. Specifically, young entrepreneurs create jobs for their own employees, and support local businesses and tradespeople through networking and business transactions. From the graphic designer who made their logo to the company who installed their sign, entrepreneurs are part of the lifeblood of their local economies. By supporting the young entrepreneurs in your area, you are helping to keep your community and county thriving.”

– Erin Kirby, Fiberlilly (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

“Young Canadian entrepreneurs bring new ideas to the marketplace. Their commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to take risks make them the kind of people our country needs to remain competitive in the global marketplace. They inspire other young people to chase their dreams and are the future of a strong and vibrant Canada.”

– Alex Ethans, Eph Apparel (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

“Motivated by their passion, today’s young entrepreneurs need to be bold, creative, have a vision and think independently. More commonly now than ever, young entrepreneurs are thinking green and outside the box. The interests of our communities and sustainable, green business models seem to be at the forefront of our endeavors. Personally, I think this is a huge and much needed step in the right direction. We look to the future and I believe with the right support and motivations, today’s young entrepreneurs can lead Canada into a brighter future. Today’s young entrepreneurs are less motivated by a quick buck or easy living. They want a challenge and desire to better the world around them. They set a goal and rise to meet it. One successful young entrepreneur can inspire many to set and achieve their goals as well and Canada as a nation can only become stronger with inspired youth.”

– Jana Furness, The Juice Box Café (Montague, Prince Edward Island)

“We’re always working to build our community. Our community operates as a part of the bigger picture of our national community. In today’s world, ideas spread and grow rapidly. From one community or city or province to another. For example; when we first launched our business, we were the first cold pressed juice bar in Canada. Now there are close to 100 Cold Pressed Juice Bars across the nation. The idea starts somewhere and it grows and changes and evolves and now collectively, whether intentionally or not, we are all working collectively to grow health and wellness and have a positive impact on plant based agriculture. The more we can support plant based agriculture the bigger impact we have on the environmental issues surrounding agriculture. On another side, we create jobs and opportunities and an open mind to help spring board the next generation of young entrepreneurs. “

Zach Berman, The Juice Truck (Vancouver, BC)

“As Canada’s emerging workforce enters the job scene, more young Canadians are moving towards an entrepreneurial path of generating their own employment, than relying on traditionally unstable employment. This is generating a win win scenario for Canada’s economy. Traditional job markets are continuing with youthful entrepreneurs driving them, innovative ideas are sparking growth in new areas and in turn, ultimately strengthening the Canadian economy, making a better Canada.”

– Barbara McLean-Stollery, Executive Airways Grooming (Alberta)