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GEW: On the Road – Anthony’s Highlights from Montreal

Futurpreneur | November 18, 2016


For Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this week, we have teamed up with Amway Canada to send three ambassadors across the country to report live from the road as they visit Canadian entrepreneurs, small businesses, community partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and attend GEW events. Yesterday Anthony was on the road in Montreal, Quebec for the day. Here is a recap of his day and some of the ‘ah-ha’ moments he had along the way.

Anthony’s final stop on the road was Montreal, Quebec and he was eager to see what the entrepreneurial ecosystem was like there. He kicked off his morning with a breakfast at Futurpreneur supported business, Systeme D which is a coffee shop that was inspired by the history of Quebec. “I learned how the one owner decided to follow his passion and start a very cool concept with amazing local ingredients,” Anthony explained.

Next, Anthony headed to visit ten different tech entrepreneurs at Griffen Camp where he had the chance to chat with a diverse group of tech entrepreneurs about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Montreal. “We talked globalization, the impacts of the current entrepreneur visas, opportunities to collaborate between Montreal and me locally in Vancouver, and I got to share some resources to help those businesses gain a wider lens on what’s in the marketplace.”

Anthony then headed off for lunch with two Futurpreneur’s and their mentor at Barcola, another Futurpreneur supported business. Anthony had the chance to learn about what it was like to do business in Montreal. “One entrepreneur was pre start-up and launching an escape room and the other bought her father’s laundry machine business. The biggest topic of conversation was language and the impact it has on your operations,” Anthony shared.

Off Anthony went to visit Meuble2Go where he learned from a third generation furniture seller who put his own stamp on his business and is aiming to expand across the country. This is where Anthony learned what it took to be a successful entrepreneur in Montreal: CAB (casual, aggressive business). “Not too casual, not too aggressive, but it’s somewhere in the middle where these bilingual entrepreneurs reside.”

After making some visits to some different local businesses, and visiting the Futurpreneur Montreal office, Anthony headed off to the airport via a local Montreal taxi start-up to head back home. One lesson he took from his time in Montreal was that “every entrepreneur is a product of their environment and it’s important to get to know their attitudes and perspectives in order to successfully work with them.