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Hello, My Name Is Zach Hamel

Futurpreneur | November 21, 2013

My organization is the Impact Entrepreneurship Group and we are celebrating GEW because we believe in supporting youth entrepreneurs across Canada.

We are celebrating GEW by sharing promotions and hosting events called Impact Dinners, which support entrepreneurial minded leaders through quality relationship-building opportunities, whether leaders are early in their entrepreneurial journey or further along and looking to grow their network.

I believe that entrepreneurship is important to Canada because it is paving our way to a bright future. Entrepreneurship allows people to tackle global problems in a unique way, explore their interests, and benefit our economy. Here at Impact, we look to connect those who are starting businesses with experienced mentors to help them get off the ground. We are excited to watch as Canada continues to become a hub for the startups of the future.

Check out this list of GEW events hosted by Impact here .

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