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Introducing the 2022 Growth Accelerator cohort!

Guest Blogger | January 24, 2022

Our economy never stops growing, and the Futurpreneur team believes the growth of your company shouldn’t either. 

Beginning this week through to June, Futurpreneur’s Growth Accelerator has invited 14 entrepreneurs within Canada to build upon the success of their business(s). Facilitated digitally for the second year, entrepreneurs will gain invaluable knowledge on how to pitch to new potential buyers, drive sales through an e-commerce platform, and tap into new markets without leaving the comfort of their own home.  

Entrepreneurs specializing in the packaged goods industry via their own enterprises will partake in workshops, meetings, and networking sessions. These growth opportunities have been carefully curated to propel entrants towards their goals and offer real-world strategies to generate success in the years to come.  

This year’s Growth Accelerator is offered in partnership with Spin Master Inc.and supported by Dentons Canada and Ramp Communications. The entire Futurpreneur family wishes to extend our thanks to our partners for supporting this initiative and accelerating the future of entrepreneurship.

Showcasing the future:  

7 SUMMITS SNACKS (Edmonton, AB):

7 Summits Snacks is a women-led company specializing in nutritional chocolate products. Eager to fuel your next adventure, they hope to inform the general public about the multi-faceted health benefits of chocolate and increase their revenues by 200%.



Allett Canada imports, sells, and distributes luxury cylinder mowers and sports turf equipment to homeowners and enterprises across the country–while offering service and warranty claims for both. Allett intends to double their revenues from their previous fiscal year.  

BE SPRUCY (Toronto, ON):

Be Sprucy is a personal hygiene brand that produces non-traditional hand sanitizer and a range of other hygiene offerings. Sprucy intends to showcase their sustainably created products to increase brand awareness and achieve their goal of becoming the world’s leading personal hygiene company.   

CHIWIS (Squamish, BC):

Chiwis is a women-led, proud certified, company which creates 100% natural fruit chips by creatively re-using fruit. They plan to increase their customer base and therefore provide more opportunities for prospective customers to enjoy their sustainable offerings. 

FLAX HOME (Vancouver, BC):

Flax Home produces ultra-soft, ultra-breathable, bedding, towels, and home goods made from 100% pure linen. They plan to extend market expansion and expand the scale of their operations.  


JAAN FOODS (Surrey, BC):

Jaan Foods makes clean label, plant-based foods from a high standard culinary perspective. They aspire to increase revenues through digital marketing, scale their general operations, and generate increased value propositions for their investors.  

MILLER BOX CO. (Hamilton, ON):

Miller Box Co. masterfully crafts customized, curated gift boxes showcasing local and Canadian businesses. Miller Box Co. intends to increase operational efficiency and refine their marketing and growth strategies.  


MONUTS (Winnipeg, MB):

MoNUTs provides handcrafted, plant-based, protein donut snacks derived from nutritious ingredients and their own unique blend of plant-based sweeteners—with no sugar additives. MoNUTS strives to increase their market stake and boost brand awareness through digital marketing strategies.  

MORE EATS (Toronto, ON):

More Eats flagship product is a gourmet granola made with simple and nutritious ingredients crafted into flavors inspired by classic desserts. More Eats intends to enhance their sales strategies to bolster research and development while expanding into new markets. 

OAT & MILL (Colborne, ON):

Oat & Mill offers a premium, plant-based, array of frozen desserts from carefully selected ingredients and in-house crafted oat cream. They hope to refine the growth strategy for their enterprise and provide more delicious offerings to more customers.  

ROLL UP (Etobicoke, ON):

Roll Up is a personal hygiene paper company utilizing sustainable Bamboo pulp. They’re unique brand identity brings character and environmentally conscious products to the general public while being 100% plastic free.  

SARKO BEAUTY (Coquitlam, BC):

Sarko Beauty offers a variety of human hair products: extensions, toppers and wigs. Their brands’ expert customer service includes a growing community that intends to generate self-empowerment and confidence for all. Sarko Beauty hopes to refine their growth strategy to scale operations and generate more revenue.  


SoulDeo Naturals creates all-natural personal hygiene products. The success of their natural deodorant led to the development of a variety of best-selling hygiene products. SoulDeo Naturals seeks to further develop their growth strategies to increase their success. 


Wolseley Kombucha is a woman-owned and operated kombucha company. Their product is organic, raw, healthy, and undiluted. They aspire to improve their market entry strategy to access more customers and generate both brand awareness and increase revenues. 


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Article written by Jason T.L. Bailey