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Holiday Shopping Guide 2017: Home Decor

Futurpreneur | December 5, 2017

Independent retailers often stock those special, one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, when you shop at a locally-owned business, your money stays in the community and supports the home-grown artists and producers who helped make the items you purchased.

To help inspire your holiday shopping this season, we’ve compiled this list of home decor products from some amazing Futurpreneur-supported businesses.


Acrylic Block from Posterjack

Posterjack Acrylic Blocks are a gift that will make everyone smile. Posterjack turns your digital photo into a piece of stunning photo decor to be displayed proudly on a desk, shelf or mantle.


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Raven Reads Subscription Box

Subscription Box – Annual Reoccuring Plan from Raven Reads

Raven Reads is a Canadian Indigenous literary subscription box shipping every season that is your access to a safe space for dialogue about Canada’s collective past and contemporary story. Each season, the box delivers a new release novel by an Indigenous author, two to three unique crafts and gifts made by Indigenous artists, a custom culture card and a special note from the author or box curator.

$176.99 CAD

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smart access surveillance package

Surveillance Package from Smart Access

Buy a professional surveillance system for your business or home! Surveillance package SA-IP4P,  includes an HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder), which is supported by multi-mode up to 16 IP 1080P cameras and recording in 1080P quality, 4 Eyeball 1080P IP Surveillance camera SA-D2-IP2 with high observe angle 106 degree, PoE Switch 4+1 port for powering and networking cameras by single Ethernet cable.

$499.99 (receive 20% discount with coupon code “futurpreneur”)

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Magic Flower from VieLux Design International Inc.

Holiday time is coming soon! To bring up the atmosphere of your events, parties, or landscape decoration, this waterproof magic flower will help create that special holiday feeling with its lighting. Comes with key pad remote control.


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Coolican Abbott Stool home decor products

Abbott Stool from Coolican & Company

The Abbott Stool is a stable three-legged stool that is crafted of solid white oak with a wedge through tenon joint and a round beveled top. The stool is great for occasional seating, as a small side table, or as a place to put your feet up.

$350.00 CAD

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Hedgeports Company Calendar

Customized Calendar from Hedgeports Company

Our service converts any picture into high-quality colouring images. Hedgeports Company creates custom calendars and colouring books that clients can colour to essentially “relive their favourite moments.” Pick any picture, upload and you’re done. The custom sketch gift will be ready in just 72 hours.

$49.99 USD (receive 40% discount with coupon code “wow40”)

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Monograph Co Colour Volume Two

Colour Volume Two Magazine from Monograph & Co.

Monograph & Co has collaborated with Creative Partners Page+Paper to bring you the latest issue of their bi-annual publication series. Explore the world of colour through the eyes of award-winning artists, cocktail enthusiasts, floral designers and a variety of creatives. Our latest issue is a well-compromised artbook that explores all the varying forms of colour and its meaning across a variety of platforms.


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Andrea Ashley Holiday Essential Oil Starter Pack

Holiday Essential Oil Starter Pack from Andrea Ashley Co

So many of us love making our home smell like the holidays. Some do this with cooking, baking and having real Christmas trees, but many of us buy scented candles to fragrance our home.  Most of these are toxic, unnatural fragrances that can fill our air with harmful substances. This year, why not use nature’s oils to make your home smell just as yummy, without the harmful ingredients, and with a few added health benefits!


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Boostmi Compact Portable Battery from Boostmi Technologies Inc.

A portable battery that can recharge your smart devices and also jump-start a vehicle.


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Tree-shoo PrettyFastStand

PrettyFastStand from hiilz plant-shoo & tree-shoo

Christmas tree stand you can set up yourself in under five seconds, no help required.  Its automatic self-watering system optimizes the reservoir’s variable water capacity.


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BeCoffee Smart Cup

Smart Cup from BeCoffee

The original Smart Cup is an award-winning reusable cup. It keeps your drink hot for up to one hour and has a watertight push button that can be operated with one hand, making it the ideal reusable cup for  transportation and travel.

$32.95 – $36.95

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Evduty preset sales

EVDuty Electric Vehicle Charging Station from Preset Sales Inc.

Level 2 charging station that can be connected to all types of rechargeable electric vehicles. Made in Canada, this product is perfectly adapted to our northern climate!

$799.00 (eligible for government grants)

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m2go decorative mural

Decorative Mural, World Map from M2GO

Set of three white shadow boxes representing the world map. Perfect for any kind of décor!


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