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Lisa von Sturmer gives thanks to her mentor

Futurpreneur | April 26, 2013

CYBF entrepreneur Lisa von Sturmer, founder of Growing City, gives her take on the importance of mentoring and acknowledges her CYBF mentor Kevin Brennan as follows:

“Entrepreneurship can be an emotionally challenging process, so it’s important to have someone who’s already experienced the highs and lows and can help you see that when you’re in a dip, that things will get better, and to remind you to stay focused on the goal when you’re riding high.

Friends, family and life partners can only appreciate hearing so much about your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having a mentor gives you a fantastic outlet for all your entrepreneurial obsessing so you can save your personal relationships.

Strategy, both short- and long-term, is crucial to success in business but many first time entrepreneurs run their businesses on the fly. Mentors help you plot a course and stay focused on targets so your business can grow and thrive! Kevin was that person for me – his realistic and enthusiastic outlook gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed throughout the ups and downs of starting and running my business.”

Even though National Volunteer Week is coming to a close, we encourage all CYBF entrepreneurs to reach out to their mentors by imbedding or attaching the thank you card we created (which you can download here), to recognize your mentor and show them how much you appreciate their feedback and the value they provide to your business. In addition, why not share your praise on twitter using #iheartmentors or #CYBF in your posts.

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog post which includes a video by CYBF CEO, Julia Deans, who thanks and recognizes our tremendous mentors and volunteers.