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Meet Michael of Red Spruce Limited!

Futurpreneur | August 24, 2010

Who says art only belongs on your walls or in a museum?

According to Michael Christie of Dartmouth’s Red Spruce Limited, sometimes masterpieces can be found right under your feet.  Passionate about handcrafted rugs, Michael has turned the traditional craft of rug hooking into a successful business.

Rug hooking is a Maritime tradition, and an art form that Michael had always been interested in.  But while he had been mulling over the idea of running a business for years, it took a conversation with a local Halifax designer, who asked Michael “Why don’t you make rugs here (in Nova Scotia)?” to get him going on the road to entrepreneurship.

“It’s rare to produce hand-made products – especially rugs and carpets – in North America,” explains the young entrepreneur, adding that he works with about 25 different artisans in the design and creation of Red Spruce’s rugs. “Our commitment to preserving this craft and making the best product possible has resulted in clients both in Canada and abroad.”

Since launching Red Spruce in 2009, Michael has seen not only business success, but the opportunity to combine his passion and his livelihood. Michael says he owes his accomplishments to the support of those closest to him, who encourage him to move forward and not ‘dwell on the problems, but figure out the solutions.’

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