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My top 10 mentor wish list (in no particular order)…and the reasons why

Futurpreneur | December 6, 2011

Jean Chow, Business Coach & Strategist, www.msbizwiz.com, @MsBizWiz, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor

1. Howard Schultz, Founder and CEO, Starbucks – United States

To learn a flair for marketing and the ability to turn business around successfully

2. The Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader – Tibet

To learn to live and laugh boisterously in life

3.  Kim Clijsters, Professional Tennis Player – Belgium

To learn the grace of good gamesmanship, both on and off the court

4. Adrienne Arsenault, News Correspondent – Canada

To learn the art of story-telling that captures the human spirit

5. Steven Covey, Author – United States

To learn the seven habits of highly effective people

6. Thich Nhat Han, Buddhist Monk – Vietnam

To learn to love and be compassionate mindfully

7. Ang Sung Su Kyi, Leader of Opposition – Burma

To learn to have discipline, faith and will through times of crisis and difficult choices

8. Robert F. Boyle, Albert Nozaki, Henry Bumstead, Conrad L. Hall, Harold Michelson, and Haskell Wexler, Six Classic Hollywood Cinema Artists – United States

To learn to love your work beyond the age of 90

9. Frank O’Dea, Second Cup Founder and former street person – Canada

To learn to have courage “when all you have is hope”

10. Maya Kriplani, Good friend – Indonesia

To learn how to teach others to love peacefully, purely, and gently always.

List your top 10 mentors in 10 minutes or less. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at not only who you choose but also the reasons why you chose them.