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Nicole Verkindt of OMX recognizes her mentor!

Futurpreneur | April 7, 2014

“Our Futurpreneur Canada mentor, Jim Latimer has been a critical part of our start ups success to date. As a third party “uninterested” party, he has been a sounding board for all topics from investor relations, sales, product roadmap and my personal state as a founder. He is extremely entrepreneurial, with so much real life experience, that he knows what we are going through and helps navigate through uncertainty. Jim asks the tough questions – questions that sometimes I am ignoring myself – and yet is always optimistic about the future and options. All I know is that we meet once a month, and nearing the end of the 4th work, I am always itching to talk to him. His support and commitment are invaluable and have proven to me that the $12,000 loan we recd from Futurpreneur Canada was only a minute piece of the value that we have recd from our relationship with them as an organization, particularly with our mentor”

– Nicole Verkindt, Founder & President of OMX (theomx.com)