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Spotlight on Anthony Taylor of SME Strategy: Helping Entrepreneurs Avoid Mistakes

Lauren Marinigh | June 27, 2016


Anthony Taylor grew up as an entrepreneurial kid. Whether it was selling pop by the golf course, putting on rock concerts or running some sort of brick and mortar business. “I’ve always had something going,” he explains. So it wasn’t a surprise when Anthony decided to start his own business, SME Strategy that specializes in helping SME’s, government and non-for-profits with their strategic planning.

On top of starting his own business that helps other entrepreneurs and businesses, Anthony also recently wrote a book entitled, I Wish I Knew: Entrepreneurship Lessons I learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have To, which is a collection of 51 things that he learned in his career as an entrepreneur throughout his various ventures and consulting. “Many of these are important lessons that have cost me some serious dough to learn, and some of the others are business tips and strategies that I coach entrepreneurs on,” Anthony explained.

I caught up with Anthony to find out more about his business, being an entrepreneur, and his book. Here is what he had to say:

Why did you feel a need to start a business (SME Strategy) to help others with their business strategies and goals?

Problem solving, mapping out next steps, and executing are my strengths and truly what I enjoy doing. Running a business is overwhelming sometimes and there is so much to learn. One of the things that helped me is being focused on the end goal and working backwards to create plans that align. If I can help businesses make more money, have greater impact, and run more effectively by sharing what I know, then it’s a win-win.

What has been the hardest part of starting your business?

Getting the experience to validate my methodology and the understanding of my market. Product market fit is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs. For me I started a business in management consulting and usually that field is reserved for people with 25+ year’s experience.

I know it’s going to pay dividends in the long run, but starting out and combining my business experience, my business degree, along with specializations in project management and management consulting to create my own “secret sauce” that helps organizations has been tough.

Now from international governments, national non-profits, and pages of testimonials, I know that what I’ve created works and helps organizations.

If you could do one thing differently what would it have been? 

Just one thing? I would have assumed less about my customer. Before building product I would have gone out to see what their needs, pains and desires were, and found out how I could help them better. Even now, I could still do a better job of learning about my customer because all the things listed above are changing,

What inspired you to write a book on the business lessons you learned the hard way?

Well, I actually had a business partner rip my company off for about 100k and so I started my consulting company, SME Strategy, to help business owners with the things that they don’t know might be waiting for them around the corner.

These lessons, that all entrepreneurs have to learn at some point, slow you down and cost you time and money, so if I can save people time and money on their journey of entrepreneurship then I’ve done my job.


Can you briefly explain the types of lessons you talk about in the book?

The book is broken down into three sections:
1) You as an individual
2) Your business
3) The world outside of your business.

Among other topics, I share lessons about, marketing and sales, finance and operations, getting good people around you, productivity and more.

The chapters are very short and straight to the point, and it’s designed like I’m there coaching the reader through the process.

If you’re looking for tips on how to develop strategy in your organization, Anthony has lots of free tools at: www.smestrategy.net, and you can get my book at Chapters locations or at: www.IwishIknew.co.

Written By: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Creation Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada