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Spotlight on CollaborACTION: Crowdsourced Problem Solving at the 2016 Action Entrepreneurship Summit

Futurpreneur | May 11, 2016


At this year’s Action Entrepreneurship Canadian Summit in Toronto, we’ll be hosting our first ever CollaborACTION, a unique activity developed by Gen Y Inc. This activity happening on May 30th, 2016 will get attendees talking about the real issues and challenges you face as an entrepreneur, and will provide attendees with the opportunity to collaborate on crowdsourced solutions that you can take back to your business.

We had a chance to chat with Eric Termuende of Gen Y Inc. about his experience attending his first Action Entrepreneurship Summit, and all about the CollaborACTION session he’ll be running at the summit this year. Here’s what he had to say.

What was your experience attending the Action Entrepreneurship Summit like?

In 2014 I attended my first Action Entrepreneurship Summit. Since then, I’ve met countless entrepreneurs who have not only shaped my business, but have become lifelong friends as well. Action Entrepreneurship isn’t just a gathering of entrepreneurs, it is a gathering of people who share the same desires, have similar values, and just ‘get’ each other. Never have I been in a room of people that I had been able to relate to so well.

Since the summit in 2014, I’ve taken full advantage of the opportunities Futurpreneur Canada has to offer. I’ve been a part of regional events, traveled across the country to represent Canadian entrepreneurship on a national level, and even been to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit in Sydney, Australia, and will be going again to Beijing, China this year. The experience has certainly influenced who I am today and has given me opportunities I could have only dreamed of.

Tell us about CollaborACTION.

This year I was fortunate enough to help create a session in the program called CollaborACTION. In this session peer-to-peer learning is the real key. Entrepreneurs with companies of all sizes and stages will be able to present their fast-pitch-style problem to an audience of peers and have some of the top rising stars in the country solve them.

What was the inspiration behind starting CollaborACTION and what can attendees expect?

We often attend conferences and simply sit and listen as someone at the front of the room talks about something we can only partly relate to, and sometimes don’t completely understand. With CollaborACTION, it is going to be an amazing chance to network, solve problems, and help each other with some of our biggest roadblocks. The best part? Any entrepreneur gets to have their problem solved if they submit their presentation in time! Editor’s Note: Purchase your entrepreneur ticket for the Summit to receive more information how you can pitch at CollaborACTION.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Even though it is only May, 2016 has already been a year for the books. With growth and development happening faster than ever before, I’m excited to go back to the Action Entrepreneurship Summit in Toronto at the end of May to reconnect with friends and the drivers of job creation and entrepreneurship in Canada. Even more so though, I’m excited to hear about all of the amazing things entrepreneurs across the country are up to, and how they’ve grown in the past year.

To register for the Action Entrepreneurship Canadian Summit happening in Toronto on May 30-31, click here.