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Spotlight on DOODLE Lovely: Inviting Creativity & Calm Into Our Lives

Lauren Marinigh | April 17, 2017

With 20 years of experience in the design industry, Melissa Lloyd attributes much of her success to her worldly background. “From Vancouver, to London, to Edinburgh, taking in stops including Africa, China, Australia and Europe along the way and back to my hometown in Hubbards, Nova Scotia,” she shared. “These experiences helped provide inspiration in producing award-winning design.” Working in industries as diverse as advertising, music and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, financial, publishing and more, it’s evident that Melissa has a strong passion for design. However, alongside that passion she also enjoys caring for children with autism and disabilities and has spent time gaining experience in art therapy.

Melissa’s passions and entrepreneurial background running her own consultancy business are what inspired her to create DOODLE Lovely. “I was looking for a chance and when I took a step back and created more calm in my life DOODLE Lovely surfaced,” she explained. It seems like everyone is on the fast track these days and Melissa realized that her fast track had gotten out of hand. She was feeling burnt out, a bit empty and directionless which is where she found the inspiration for DOODLE Lovely.

DOODLE Lovely encourages people to stop—even for just five minutes a day—to take a breath and invite more creativity and calm in our busy lives. “By living creatively in all aspects of life, the benefits of health and wellbeing will astound you.” DOODLE Lovely provides tools, guidance and awareness to help you search for greater calm, clarity, creativity and confidence in your life. DOODLE Lovely’s products range from colouring books, doodling books and guided journals.

But why should you aim to live a more creative life like Melissa? She explains that there are so many astounding benefits of creativity such as:

  • Predicts a longer life and reduces stress
  • Frees your thoughts
  • Promotes individualism and builds towards an authentic self
  • Makes you a better problem solver in all areas of your life
  • Promotes having fun
  • Allows you to face your fears
  • Builds confidence and self-acceptance
  • Makes you happier

All of the above are so important in our everyday lives and especially important for other entrepreneurs. “Encouraging self-care and taking a break in this busy world to find more clarity is important as an entrepreneur,” Melissa explains. “Clarity is important as it will help inspire your ideas and energy in your business.”

In the next year Melissa hopes to have lots of creativity, self-care and fun. She is currently working on a product that will inspire creativity and happiness in your daily life and is developing a workshop that encourages you to open your mind with creativity and how it translates to success in your home and business life.

The Futurpreneur team can’t wait to continue to see Melissa grow her business and help more people take a step back from their chaotic lives and make time for themselves.

Written by: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Specialist, Futurpreneur Canada