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Spotlight on HOLOS: A New ‘Super-Breakfast’ To Power Your Morning

Futurpreneur | March 12, 2018

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day. While this may or may not be true, it is, quite often, the meal that people tend to skip when life gets hectic.

Christophe Contant and Samuel Turgeon Scofy, noticed this trend and took it upon themselves to create a complete breakfast option for busy people that could be prepared in a fraction of the time of a typical meal.

This lead the pair to found HOLOS, a new start-up creating quick and healthy breakfast meals that will be launching in a few months. Their innovative ‘packets’ are made from 100% organic ingredients and packed with all the essential nutrients. Plus, the unique packaging means customers can prepare their meals in less than a few minutes.

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The inspiration behind this breakfast came from the cofounders’ passion for living life to the fullest. Before launching their business, Christophe worked as a health and nutrition coach and Samuel worked as a start-up consultant in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The two combined their passions and skills in marketing and nutrition to bring HOLOS to life. Christophe describes their partnership as stemming from their need, “to help as many people reach their full potential and live their best life.”

“Oftentimes, our diet and lifestyles play a great role in achieving our goals because they determine how energized we feel throughout the day,” says Christophe. “Knowing that our first meal is the most important one, but also the most neglected one, it was clear to the both of us that a breakfast product that was truly healthy, energizing, low in sugar, convenient and most importantly delicious, needed to be made.”

However, identifying the business opportunity is only the first step. Bringing the idea to market comes with its fair share of obstacles.

“We are both fairly new in this industry and raising the bar across the market for quality and nutrition come with daily challenges,” he said. “The key element to solving them is by staying hungry for new learning opportunities and surrounding yourself with people ahead of you that can support you through your ups and downs.”

HOLOS still has a ways to go, but these last few months have really set production in motion. For Christophe, it’s the genuine reactions he gets from people once they sample their product for the first time that really excites him.

“Their smiles and kind feedback really warm our hearts. It gives us the extra motivation to keep trekking on this adventure and continue spreading the word of living your best life,” says Christophe.

In their pre-launch stage, these cofounders turned to Futurpreneur Canada for financing and mentorship. They learned a lot during this time and to help pay it forward, they have this advice for aspiring entrepreneurs out there:

“Make sure that your business model includes something that will make a real and positive impact in the world. To get through any challenge, stay motivated and remind yourself that your purpose is bigger than just yourself. Believe in yourself, dream big and most importantly dive in head first!”

Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada