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Spotlight on Kube Innovation: Innovative Technology for your Teeth

Futurpreneur | January 15, 2018

From self-driving cars to smart watches, new technology is popping up every single day in every industry – even dentistry.

Montreal-based company Kube Innovation specialises in the development of innovative devices that help dentists in their day-to-day practice.

This start-up was founded by an entrepreneur passionate about technology and the world of medicine. Frédérik Marcil, its founder, worked in the aeronautic industry for two years before launching his own business.

This entrepreneur started Kube Innovation to developed innovative digital devices for dentists that were never seen before in the industry.

Their first device is the Innobyte: “a patent-pending technology that accurately quantifies the maximal average bite force exerted by the patient using the innovative mouthpiece,” Frédérik explained.

“At least one third of the population suffers from a bite force deficiency without even knowing it. When bitten, the device sends fast and accurate data measured in newtons to the dentist’s computer. The Innobyte is the tool that helps patient find their next steps to treat their deficiency,” he said.

Innobyte is Kube Innovation’s first tech device, but not their last.

“Kube innovation has many ideas and new devices in the works, all with the end goal of helping dentists in the everyday diagnoses,” said Frédérik.

Frédérik launched Kube Innovation in 2015 with the desire to make a difference with innovative technology. Dentists are always on the hunt for newer and better ways to accurately provide prognoses and treatments for their patients.

Since its launch, the Innobyte is now found in more and more dental offices. Its commercialization was a success but our entrepreneur did run into some challenges along the way.

In its first two years of development, Kube was running on very little resources.

“I had to spend countless hours working with minimal equipment to successfully create an innovative and robust product,” said Frédérik. Another challenge he faced was creating a strong workplace culture.

In the end, his hard work payed off. In the upcoming week, Kube will be diving straight into the US market. They also have plans to incorporate a social aspect to their business model.

“When we make a sale to one of our clients, we want to work with them to donate their old equipment to rural communities in need of dental equipment,” said Frédérik.

Kube Innovation is a Futurpreneur Canada-supported business. “My experience with Futurpreneur has been incredibly positive. The support we have received from our mentor has proven to be useful. They have saved us from making costly errors in our first year in business,” explains Frédérik. Financing has been a great help for him, but the mentorship has been crucial to his success.

“As an entrepreneur, there is always room for growth. We can always learn more and become a better leader. For me, mentorship has helped me revisit my strategies and approaches to the business and its leadership. My mentor was always available to give their opinion on my ideas. There is no better experience as an entrepreneur than being understood and heard by someone who has been in your shoes,” said Frédérik.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Sell your prototypes to validate the need and price of your innovative product or service. You have to quickly establish a conversation with these first clients to get their feedback. This way you can see the strong points and where your product or service needs improvement. Don’t wait for a perfect final product. Finalize something that your clients actually want!”

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Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada