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Spotlight on Our Québec Mentor-Ambassadors

Futurpreneur | November 10, 2017

Mentorship is essential for any entrepreneur, no matter what stage they are in.

However, it is especially important during the beginning stages of starting a company when the consequences of making a mistake can be much higher. Mentorship can give entrepreneurs the advantage of learning from entrepreneurs that came before them.

In Québec, a few of our wonderful local volunteer business mentors are also acting as ambassadors to further support our entrepreneurs and new mentors. Enthusiastic, engaged and filled with knowledge, these mentor-ambassadors are actively representing Futurpreneur in their specific region.

Meet our Québec mentor-ambassadors!

Mentor, Chantal Goffoz Thieblin

Chantal Goffoz Thieblin


Chantal has worked as a Futurpreneur mentor for over four years and has supported six entrepreneurs so far. She brings to the table her extensive expertise in marketing and business development that she has acquired throughout her studies and 13 years of professional experience in this field.

As the co-founder and vice-president of Divergent Capital, a private investment company that finances start-ups in Québec, Chantal is very familiar with the obstacles today’s entrepreneurs are facing. In addition, Chantal has always been sensitive to the issues that come with international development. She is a proud supporter of Handicap International, having supported its development in Canada for the past five years.

mentor, Ian-Patrick Thibault

Ian-Patrick Thibault


With the understanding that entrepreneurship is an excellent way to develop human potential and solve the societal problems of our time, Ian-Patrick Thibault quit his job in a large corporation to help save the world. Since 2015, Ian-Patrick has been volunteering with Futurpreneur as a business mentor.

Ian-Patrick has been known for his collaborative and dynamic spirit having worked to improve processes in industrial engineering for over 20 years. If you want to see his eyes light up, speak to him about entrepreneurship, collaborative spaces, start-ups, lean start-ups and anything that helps improve the world we live in.

Mentor, Ronald Bannon

Ronald Bannon, MBA, Adm.A., F.C.M.C.


Ronald has been a business mentor for Futurpreneur Canada since 2010. His specialties lie in strategic management and international commercial projects – and he’s worked on over 1,000 projects to date. He mainly works alongside young entrepreneurs in the areas of service development, business models and the commercialisation of businesses.

Ronald is passionate about the adoption of new technologies. He was actually one of the first web users in the province of Québec. He regularly offers his expertise and advice to those who are working to succeed their business projects.

Still working professionally, Ronald is a member of the Chartered Administrators Order of Québec (Adm.A) since 1996 and a certified management consultant (C.M.C.) since 1997. He received the Fellow title in 2014 for his work in bringing visibility to the profession and for his contributions to the development of Canadian start-ups.

For these three mentor-ambassadors, being a mentor means more than just shining light on their own achievements; they truly love knowing that what they are doing is making a difference in an entrepreneur’s life and helping the overall economical development in their community. Join us in celebrating the ongoing engagement of our mentor-ambassadors and their contributions in strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada.

Interested in being a mentor? Do not hesitate to check our website, call us at 1 800 464 2923 or email us at info@futurpreneur.ca