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Spotlight on RazorCompany.com: Helping People Eliminate the Shaving Aisle

Lauren Marinigh | January 11, 2016

Sometimes becoming an entrepreneur runs in your family and for brothers Spencer and Trevor Dennis that’s what lead them to wanting to start their own business and create their own destiny. For 11 years, the brothers owned and operated a residential design and build company, but even though their company had always done well, they had interest in creating an online store.

After Trevor had gone for a straight shave at a barber in Las Vegas, and had been struck by the sales associates trying to sell him a very expensive razor with shaving lotions, his wheels started to turn. The brothers knew there were already other online companies selling shaving supplies that came on a reoccurring basis, but they wanted to differentiate themselves by offering not only a great product, but for a great price—and that’s where the ideas for RazorCompany.com was born.

RazorCompany.com caters to its members by offering three types of razors for both men and women, a line of all-natural, Canadian-made shaving creams, soaps, aftershaves and pre-shave oils,  and by providing its customers with a less expensive (and more convenient) option then shopping at the store. On top of the range of products and packages customers can choose from, RazorCompany.com will deliver everything right to your house every two, four, or six months (depending on your shaving frequency).

By creating something so convenient and custom for customers, it’s hard to believe that Trevor and Spencer faced challenges with converting customers to buying online. “Although everyone hates paying the high prices at the store, shaving supplies are one of those items you do not think about until you are there and remember you need them,” Trevor explains. Trevor shared that once customers try their product, their retention rate is great, but the people that want to physically hold a product before they purchase it are the tricky ones to convert. Because of this, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee and has no long-term commitment requirements whatsoever.

Being an entrepreneur can have its highs and lows, but Trevor explained that the most exciting thing for his brother and him is when people tell them how pleased they are with the product. “It sounds silly because it is shaving, but we put well over a year into finding the right company to produce our products, so when people are excited about it, that gets us excited too!”

Starting a subscription-based service in particular offers its own set of unique challenges, but Trevor says that you have to be ready to put in long hours and get it out to as many people as you can. “When you don’t have a brick and mortar store where you can rely on foot traffic, you have to stay positive and creative so you can figure out how to push people to your website.”

Trevor and Spencer started RazorCompany.com in 2013 and continue to live and breathe their goal to help people “eliminate the shaving aisle.” You can follow RazorCompany.com on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Written By: Lauren Marinigh, Social Media & Content Creation Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada