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Tips & Tools: How to Unplug as an Entrepreneur

Futurpreneur | November 21, 2017

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur requires a strong work ethic. On top of that, there is a lot of pressure to stay constantly connected.

Whether it’s keeping up with emails or updating your company’s social media channels, most entrepreneurs are surrounded by their devices all the time. Plus, since your workday is not the traditional 9-to-5, you may find these digital tasks spilling into your evenings and weekends.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Read on to learn how to unplug as an entrepreneur.

Get Organized

Staying organized is beneficial for any person, but since entrepreneurs wear so many hats, it is essential. On top of everyday tasks, last-minute things can come up and eat up a lot of time. Using project management software can help you stay organized, whether you’re a ‘solopreneur’ or managing a team. Apps like Basecamp or Asana paint a clear picture of all your business activities including timelines, projects and specific tasks, which ensures you meet your goals. Staying organized also helps you create a more flexible schedule with room for fitness, medical appointments, and vacations.

Turn Off Notifications

We all want to stay in the loop. Whether it’s with your employees, industry news or celebrity gossip, it has become so hard to put the phones down and just breathe. However, turning off notifications, at least for a few hours a day, creates a digital silence that can help you recharge from your day. If this feels particularly challenging, try turning them off only in the evening after a certain time, during lunch or dinner or while you are on vacation. To help diminish the pile-up of notifications, mute the most unnecessary apps that don’t add value to your life. You can always catch up with them at another time.

Take a Work-Free Vacation

It may seem impossible to take a vacation, especially in the early stages of entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurs are especially susceptible to burnout if they don’t take a break from time to time. Stress is a silent killer and it can be incredibly tough on mental health. Taking a couple weeks or a few days off may seem out of sight, but by providing the necessary tools and training to your current team, you can take that time to de-stress. Make it absolutely clear to your team that you will only be answering emails for emergencies. This will ensure you get the digital detox you deserve.

Always remember to take a break with your devices. Your business is you and you need silence from the noisy digital world to stay healthy mentally.

Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada