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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Mentor

Guest Blogger | March 26, 2014

In celebration of National Volunteer week happening from April 6 – 12, 2014, CYBF is celebrating mentors’ valuable contribution to young entrepreneurial success!

Here’s what Cathy Yeomans of Imagine Public Relations, had to say about her mentoring experience.

Starting a business is exciting and often we think our dedicated passion will carry us through. However, without guidance within our own industry, we can often get stuck. Simple things like writing our first proposal or contract, understanding how to bill the client, or just staying up-to-date in our industry can start to be overwhelming. Finding a mentor to help you navigate these roadblocks can be like carrying a rare jewel in your back pocket – priceless and accessible!

So what can a mentor do for you?

  1. Assist in writing a proposal or project outline
  2. Revamp your resume
  3. Help identify resources, people
  4. Referrals to stakeholders and potential customers/clients
  5. Brainstorming on creative projects
  6. Assistance on financials
  7. Help with career and office challenges
  8. Motivation
  9. Clear and strategic direction
  10. Applicable and valuable advice that is FREE

A mentor is usually an experienced businessperson and they often have extensive networks that they can connect with to help you. They also have already lived in the world of “hard knocks” and they can provide you valuable insight on business you might not have considered.

So take some time and source out a good mentor. It could be a current employer, or a past university colleague, or someone connected to a professional association you belong to. Either way, you’ll be setting yourself up for success by creating that valuable connection and relationship through a mentor. Find someone you respect and admire and nurture that new mentorship, it’ll be worth every effort!

Written By: Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC, imaginepr@shaw.ca

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