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Véronique Dumont Sets Her Sights on Her Business Plan

Futurpreneur | December 15, 2017

Véronique Dumont immediately turns heads when she enters a room.

She is dynamic, cheerful and full of energy, so right away, you want to talk to her. A self-employed young woman in a male environment, Véronique started a residential renovation and construction company and recently completed the transformation of an entire condo. When she talks about renovation, you can sense her passion for this field of work. She truly makes you want to entrust her with your own living space.

Véronique recently participated in Rock My Business Plan, a Foundation for an Entrepreneurial Canada program supported by RBC Future Launch. She has described this step in her career as “an enriching human experience and a stimulating business experience.”

Véronique was motivated to register for the Rock My Business Plan workshops by her need to better understand her competitors and to assess her value proposition. She also hoped that this training would help her start implementing her business plan on a solid foundation. She admits that this was difficult for her.

Rock My Business Plan is distinguished from other training programs by its experiential methodology. The training aims to help participants advance their business projects through the sharing of each participant’s experiences. Sharing and mutual assistance of the participants are the pillars of this approach, which Véronique greatly appreciated:

“On the professional level, networking with all these people who have amazing cross-disciplinary skills enabled me to think about my marketing strategy (…) My main observation: networking is crucial. It allows us to meet people who share our daily life, our fears and our hopes. Moreover, it’s natural for people to help each other and we find ourselves building, without realizing it, a powerful network of contacts and mutual support.”

In addition, Véronique found that being with the other entrepreneurs was very inspiring:

“It was extremely enriching to meet with other people, other entrepreneurs, people who dream and dare, people who have created a unique idea and single-handedly carried it forward.”

Among the benefits she drew from the experience, Véronique notes having thereafter focused on business development. In 2018, she hopes to withdraw from operations so that she can seek out new clients for her company. She also assigned herself the task of completing her business plan. To do so, she restructured her schedule and gave herself concrete means to succeed.

And succeed she will because Véronique Dumont is a true entrepreneur. She possesses the abundant energy a businesswoman who achieves positive results. The highly conservative construction industry will be shaken up by this woman who will change the norms. Véronique Dumont has a very promising future as an entrepreneur!

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Written by: Jean-Philippe Écuyer, Entrepreneur in Residence, Futurpreneur Canada