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Work is Changing January Reading List

Futurpreneur | January 31, 2018

Futurpreneur Canada recently launched Work is Changing, a national campaign and content hub covering topics like the future of work, technology and automation, economics, innovation and growth and entrepreneurship.

If you’re looking for some light reading this weekend, here’s a quick round-up of some of the latest articles on Work is Changing.

How much should I charge? Pricing tips from an experienced creative freelancer by Shauna Vert

Pricing yourself is very challenging, especially when starting out. You wouldn’t want to undervalue yourself, but you also want stay competitive with your pricing. In this post, creative freelancer, Shauna Vert, provides her insights and tips to how freelancers should set their prices.

What should entrepreneurs do if their business grows too fast? by Megan te Boekhorst

Every entrepreneur dreams of finding big success, but what if there are currently equipped for it? Some start-ups with exciting products or services may face this in their early years and it is important to tread lightly. Read more about how Smart Sweets survived their high demand!

Start-ups should celebrate side hustles by Megan te Boekhorst

Employers may not like the sound of an employee having a side hustle because it creates a notion that they may leave someday. Ambitious employees will always come and go and it is best to embrace their dreams while they are still around. Discover why start-ups should celebrate side hustles.

This start-up is turning empty restaurants into co-working spaces by Megan te Boekhorst

Restaurants in the Toronto market can be very competitive. As rent and property taxes increase, restaurants across the city are shutting down. Toronto-based start-up Flexday is making the best of these emergent changes and is opening up co-working spaces in the empty spots.

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Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada