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Futurpreneur recognizes that every entrepreneur’s journey takes a different path — that’s why we want to help you find yours!

All of our offerings and programs are available to entrepreneurs residing in Canada, ages 18-39, who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada. 

Check out the statements below and choose which best describes you. This will help you to find out how Futurpreneur can support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

I want to learn more about being an entrepreneur but I’m not ready to start a business

Futurpreneur has lots of resources available to help you learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Check out our Business Resource Centre for tips and tools, or read some inspiring stories over at our blog.

I have a business idea and need some help getting started

Futurpreneur supports young entrepreneurs with financing, an expert business mentor for up to two years and resources to help you plan, manage and grow your business. Learn more about our Core Startup offering.

I am a Black entrepreneur and need some help to launch my business

Led by a team with lived experience, Futurpreneur’s Black Entrepreneur Startup Program (BESP) addresses some of the barriers to success faced by many aspiring Black entrepreneurs in Canada. If you are a Black startup founder and identify or intersect with this community, you may wish to learn more about BESP.

I am an Indigenous entrepreneur and need some help to launch my business

Futurpreneur’s Indigenous Entrepreneur Startup Program (IESP) empowers aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs to reach their business goals, supported by a team with lived experience. If you are an Indigenous startup founder, identify or intersect with this community, and are interested in launching your own business, you may wish to learn more about IESP.

I have a passion or part-time business idea I want to turn into a side hustle

If you’re looking to launch a new side business, while keeping your 9-5 or home responsibilities, Futurpreneur can help you. Our Side Hustle offering is for diverse, young entrepreneurs, across Canada, who want to pursue their passion and turn that into profits.

I want to buy an existing business or  learn more about entrepreneurship through acquisition 

Buying a small business could be your route to success. It’s more accessible than you may think — and Futurpreneur’s #OwnersWanted program can help you get on the path to small business success. Gain an understanding of the steps you can take to acquire a small business and the financial and mentorship support available to you.

I want to learn how to develop my business idea, build my business plan and understand cash flows

Rock My Business is a three-part workshop series any budding young entrepreneur in Canada can be a part of. Learn how to solidify your new business ideas or grow your existing small business, with help from Futurpreneur and RBC. These free virtual and in-person workshops cover business ideation, planning and cash flows and can be taken in any order.

I am a newcomer entrepreneur and need some help to launch my business

Being an immigrant to Canada can bring new opportunities and challenges. Futurpreneur’s Newcomer offering helps young entrepreneurs like you overcome barriers, such as a lack of credit, to set you up for business success.

I’d like to become a mentor to help other entrepreneurs

By sharing your experience, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of Canada’s young entrepreneurs. Having a diverse and experienced community of mentors means Futurpreneur can offer one-to-one support to every new founder to support their success. Learn more about how to become a Futurpreneur mentor today.

I still don’t know where to start but do want more information from Futurpreneur

We have knowledgeable teams, with lived experience, all over Canada who can help guide you in the right direction. Fill out some details here and we can make sure the right person gets in touch.

Other offerings

I’m a student

Are you balancing trying to start a business and finish school? Futurpreneur can help you launch and grow a successful business with our offering for student entrepreneurs in their final year of studies.

I’m thinking of launching a non-profit organization

If you are thinking of launching a non-profit organization in Canada, Futurpreneur can help with financing, mentorship and resources to empower you to succeed and make a difference.

Applying and what to expect

You’ve read everything above, you’re interested in Futurpreneur’s offerings and you may be eligible. It’s only fair to set your expectations to make sure we are the best fit for you and your business needs.

  1. Reach out to register for one of our offerings.
  2. Tell us about you and your business and we’ll make sure you’re registering for the right offering.
  3. Share your DRAFT business plan and cash flow with us. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you get started.
  4. Your credit and business plan will be reviewed to ensure they meet our eligibility requirements.
  5. You’ll share your supporting documents such as your final business plan and cash flow statement, business registration and ID.
  6. You’ll share your COMPLETE business plan and cash flow with us.
  7. Your application will be reviewed and if successful meeting  required conditions, your financing will be approved, and you will be matched with your Futurpreneur mentor.
  8. You’ll meet your mentor and complete your orientation.
  9. Once you’ve completed all of your conditions of approval, you’ll receive your financing.         
  10. Your mentor will be there for guidance right up to launch, and you will have access to our networking events.
  11. You’ll have the resources to help you launch and grow your business!

Ready to start your entrepreneurial journey?

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In addition to our core startup programs, we have tailored programs for Black and Indigenous entrepreneurs.
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