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Our Side Hustle Program offers you up to $15,000 in financing to help you launch or grow your side business and keep your full-time job. You can also benefit from mentoring and business planning tools to help you grow your side hustle and take it to the next level.

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Maïlys Pailhous

Lux&Nox | Montreal, QC

Our offering

Whether you’re an established side hustler or looking to launch a new side business, Futurpreneur can help you reach your goals.

Inclusive financing

A flexible startup business loan of up to $15,000* *some conditions apply


Access to free mentoring (up to two years)

Networking opportunities

Benefit from a Canada-wide network of entrepreneurs.


From our Rock My Business workshop series to our various business planning tools, gain access to the resources you need to succeed.

Meet a Futurpreneur

Thanks to the invaluable support from Futurpreneur, I was able to turn my dream of introducing our first product, the LOTUS weighted blanket to store shelves into a reality. The collateral-free loan and mentorship provided by Futurpreneur enabled me to leverage the $15,000 side hustle loan and transform it into a flourishing million-dollar sleep company.

Jon Piett

LOTUS Sleep Products Inc.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Are you eligible?

Click here to learn more about Futurpreneur’s general eligibility requirements.

See full eligibility criteria here
You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

You must physically reside in Canada.

You are between the ages of 18-39

At the time of your application you must be within the stated age range in order to be eligible.

You have a full time income outside of your side business

For the next 12 months, your side business will remain your secondary source of income.

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In addition to our core startup programs, we have tailored programs for Black and Indigenous entrepreneurs.
Please let us know if you would be eligible for these programs:
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See our full FAQs.

Can I access either a Futurpreneur loan or mentor separately?

Working with a mentor is one of the requirements of our financing program, and you must receive our financing in order to be matched with a mentor. We do not offer these options separately

At what stage of my business planning can I apply to Futurpreneur?

Futurpreneur offers free resources and tools to help entrepreneurs at every stage of business development. If you are in the idea or R&D phase of forming your company, our free tools and resources can help guide you through the process of developing your business plan, creating your cash flow, and more. We’re here to help move your business forward!

In order to apply to Futurpreneur’s Startup Program and secure financing, your company must be in the pre-startup or startup stage (i.e., beyond the Idea or R&D phase).

• By pre-startup, Futurpreneur means the company is in the process of launching and will make its first sales ideally within the next few months.

• By startup, we mean existing companies that have had less than a year of significant sales, i.e., sufficient revenues for the applicant(s) to pay themselves.

I don’t know how to write a business plan, can you help me?

Futurpreneur does not offer a business plan writing service, but we do have several free tools available to guide you on our website:

• The business plan writer, a free tool that walks you through the basic steps of creating a business plan, including a step-by-step cash flow template for you to complete. It includes tips & tricks and detailed examples to guide you as you write.

• We also provide examples of business plans and financial documents. In our Business Resource Centre, you can find financial templates and business plan examples. We also offer best-in-class business plans, crash courses in everything from financials to operations, and practical guides on everything from exports to managing your cash flow.

Note: As part of your funding application, you can request help finalizing your business plan. When applying for funding, please indicate on the application form that you would like this support.

Financing terms & fees

Futurpreneur repayment terms & fees
  • Up to $15,000 with a term over four years.
  • Interest is charged at CIBC’s prime rate + 3%. (Note that if CIBC’s prime rate exceeds 6%, the interest rate charged is capped at 9%. If CIBC’s prime rate exceeds 9%, the interest rate charged will be charged at CIBC prime rate.)
  • Interest-only payments for the first year.
  • Principal repayments are made in equal monthly installments together with interest, over the remaining 3 years.
  • No penalty for early repayment.
  • A one-time loan management fee of 1% of the total loan amount is charged at time of disbursement
  • The above points reflect current Futurpreneur loan terms; the exact terms of each entrepreneur’s loan are clearly defined in their loan agreement.