Futurpreneur Canada™ is proud to announce the 2019 canadian g20 young entrepreneurs’ alliance delegation

February 11, 2019

2019 G20 Delegates

Led by Futurpreneur Canada, 43 young entrepreneurs will travel to Fukuoka, Japan in May to represent Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit

TORONTO, CANADA (FEBRUARY 11, 2019) – As a founding member and official Canadian representative of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA), Futurpreneur Canada is proud to announce the 2019 Canadian G20 YEA delegation.

43 of our nation’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs will represent our country at the summit in Fukuoka, Japan in May. The G20 YEA is a collective of organizations across the G20 countries that work to promote and advance youth entrepreneurship, representing over 500,000 young entrepreneurs.

Each year, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of the world’s top young entrepreneurs and knowledge partners at an annual Summit to develop connections, share ideas and influence G20 policy. The application process for this once in a lifetime opportunity began in November 2018.

Futurpreneur Canada was honoured to review submissions from young entrepreneurs across the country eager to influence G20 policy while accelerating their business interests abroad. This year, 43 Canadian entrepreneurs leading growing businesses were selected to represent Canada on the international stage. The Canadian G20 YEA delegates will travel to Fukuoka, Japan from May 14th – 18th to participate in a variety of business-building, policy-making and networking activities alongside 500+ young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders from across the G20 countries.

The 2019 Canadian G20 YEA Delegation:

Sage Franch – Crescendo
Crescendo is a Slack-based diversity and inclusion education tool that helps companies train their employees for global impact. It provides unique learning paths for each employee, tailored to their level of experience and learning style. The mission of Crescendo is to empower individual employees at global companies to make themselves and their workplaces better.

Nina Lantinga – Latinga Vita

Lantinga Vita is an ethical fashion brand specialized in developing high-performance carrying solutions for enterprising individuals and active professionals. Our innovative designs seamlessly combine style, unparalleled versatility, and comfort. As a proudly Certified B Corporation®, we strive to break the status quo and be the best for the world. With a Lantinga Vita product, made to last from sustainable materials of the highest quality, you’re always prepared to achieve excellence.

Francis Leblanc – Les Huîtres Old Harry inc.

Les Huîtres Old Harry’s mission is to promote Québec and its young entrepreneurs in mariculture while showcasing Iles-de-la-Madeleine and its treasures on national and international levels.

Philippe Pâquet de Verennes – Novatize

Novatize is a specialized firm in e-commerce. Novatize helps to create a world united by commerce that is moving forward with innovation. Every day, we strive to streamline our clients’ life and help organizations to fully leverage the digital economy potential.

Vincent Lachance – Lux

Lux is aerospace manufacturer who specialises in autonomous atmospheric satellites that can survey large areas and report actionable insights to companies within the natural resources sector. Lux’s first product was a stratospheric balloon whose flight duration exceeds 100 days. Equipped with a camera, Lux helps maximize the operations of mines, farms and cities.

Gina Deslimé – Nagi Cosmétiques

The mission of Nagi Cosmétiques is to promote all the colours of beauty. This is why Nagi Cosmétiques created a makeup line that responds to the needs of women of colour and respects their skin and pigmentation by inclusively offering these products to women of other origins.

Alexandra Hamel – L’Étiquette & Co.

L’Étiquette & Co. is specialized in the creation of exceptional gift boxes. L’Étiquette & Co. produces a collection of leather products sourced entirely in Canada. In addition to our current signature collection, we offer support to businesses who wish to create and customize exclusively tailored gifts that generate a positive impact, through a striking narrative and the selection of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Joël Gallant, Clic – Le réseau Linguistique

CLIC is the largest language network in Canada with more than 300 affiliated professionals. CLIC offers a large range of services related to the world of languages such as language courses, translation, simultaneous translation, immersion packages, summer camps and more, in all modern languages!

Kurtis Fox – Rise Athletics and Wellness

Rise is a private athletics and wellness facility that offers the skills of a well-educated team of professionals who specialize in personal training, group training programs, sports performance, nutrition coaching, corporate wellness, and injury re-habilitation. Currently, the Rise team is in the process of finalizing mobile technology that will launch an all new program merging fitness with an entirely different industry providing unlimited reach.

Dallas Price – Virtus Groups
British Columbia

Virtus Groups specializes in bespoke execution services, creating custom-tailored business solutions. Virtus Groups works with high growth companies focusing on three main areas of expertise: recruitment, marketing and branding, and product development.

Jean-Philippe Desjardins – The Wallrus

Wallrus increases audience engagement and fan participation in brand activation and events by prioritizing the attendee experience.

Mohamed Khalil – Pyrocycle

Pyrocycle proposes a novel thermochemical process for recycling the end-of-life electronic waste, which could greatly facilitate moving forward to produce clean and high-quality products including the recovery of precious metals.

Abdaal Mazhar Shafi – Quantum Lead

Quantum Lead is a technology and strategy consulting company that helps organizations operate in a quantum state: combining technical mastery and customer-centricity for growth. With offices in Montreal, New York, and Toronto, the company focuses on three main verticals: manufacturing, retail, and community (including non-profits and educational institutions).

Philippe Dallaire – Igloo

Igloo is the ultimate travel pillow set. Creatively pieced together with memory foam, this unique travel pillow set includes a design that supports the entire weight of the head by offering 360 degree support. The pillow also showcases one lumbar support cushion to allow an optimal rest position of the body; one bag to carry the pillow and the cushion that can be used as a sleeve to support the arms and one small compression bag (20 x 30 cm) to carry the complete set and that can be easily attached to your backpack or luggage.

Pierre-Olivier Dion – Coffrets Prestige

Since 2009, Coffrets Prestige has been the solution for Québécois who seek to offer a uniquely original gift that is sure to please. Sold in more than 650 stores across Québec, Coffrets Prestige’s team of 20 dedicated employees work on exclusive gift boxes that include exclusive deals to more than 1,000 tourist activities across the province.

Kai (Kevin) Chang – Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc.
British Columbia

Kai Analytics helps businesses stay customer-focused by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning techniques to quickly clean, parse, and summarize thousands of customer feedback and reviews into major themes. Last year, founder Kai (Kevin) Chang also co-founded Yave Incorporated, a Seattle-based tech start-up with a mission to facilitate inclusionary global trade.

Mirka Boudreau – Int-elle corporation

Int-elle corporation helps SMEs to increase their market shares on locally target markets and works on the international level as well with large companies from the primary industry sector to assist them in entering new markets more rapidly. In addition, Int-elle corporation also helps large companies find new suppliers of value-added products and services to improve their productivity, reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment availability.

Frédéric Leduc – Immune Biosolutions

Immune Biosolutions (IBio) is a biotechnology company specialized in the discovery and the engineering of avian humanized antibodies targeting difficult proteins with a proven therapeutic potential.

Stephanie Limage – Limage Media Group
British Columbia

Limage Media Group is a social enterprise that provides full production services as well as digital media creation, management, marketing, job creation, education, tools and training. We originated in Vancouver BC Canada in 2008 and now have hubs in Haiti, Vancouver, Argentina and Ottawa.

Jimmy Plante – BIM One

BIM One is a firm specialized in the management of Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects and the development and implementation of technologies related to the building information modeling for the construction industry. Today, BIM One has two very distinct business units: the consulting services in BIM and the development of new technologies for the construction industry, including its flagship product, BIM Track, sold in more than 25 countries around the world. BIM is a new way to design, build and operate buildings and other infrastructures using the 3D digital model. BIM Track is a collaborative BIM platform created to communicate more efficiently on the 3D digital model.

Érica Lebrun-Gauvin – Mme L’Ovary

Comfortable, reliable, washable and sustainable, Mme L’Ovary replaces all your disposable products… A nice and needed gesture for the planet, your well-being and your wallet. The Québécoise invention provides absorbent underwear specially designed for living in a zero-waste environment and maintaining a happy and positive menstruation.

Isabelle Meilleur – OxySoins

OxySoins specializes in the rental and sale of portable hyperbaric chambers everywhere in Québec and now in France. Our mission is to give access to this alternative solution to families, in order to greatly improve the quality of life of a loved one.

Hugo Bouchard Beaulieu – Café Expert

Café Expert specializes in providing food and coffee distribution options directly to businesses. In 2018 alone, Café Expert distributed more than 55 000 lbs of coffee to over 400 locations, all while managing an equipment fleet of more than 700 vending machines in the greater Montréal region.

Andy Pang Yen Chou – CHSAM Leather Technology
British Columbia

CHSAM offers several full range products for every leather application, as well as a strong commitment to bringing environmentally friendly solutions to the industry. In addition to his work with CHASM, Andy Pang Yen Chou founded Soapstand / Drinkfill which brings accessibility to zero-waste through automated stations that refill cleaning products and beverages. These go in convenient places such as apartments and transit stations.

Omar Kandel – OSAR Enterprises Inc.

OSAR Enterprises Inc, is a federal business headquartered in Ottawa, with operations in Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Our operations include but are not limited to, product development, branding, and the distribution of eco friendly products. OSAR also provides services for SMEs regarding logistics as well as export and import help.

Diana Baranga – UpstartED

UpstartED is a social enterprise whose mission is to empower youth to become responsible creators of value in the 21st century. UpstartED believes that there’s no such thing as “too young” when it comes to tackling the world’s most challenging problems and becoming a change agent.

Frédéric Morin Bordeleau – MR-63

The MR-63 project reuses seven Montreal metro cars to create a three-storey building to accommodate an artistic diffusion and a café-bar. The project takes an environmental role featuring the latest green technologies, as it aims to avoid the waste in energy and materials. The MR-63 mission is to utilize the creative space to present the latest in the ever-changing, emerging art scene, through hosting thematic exhibitions and activities in partnership with Montreal organisations. The cafe-bar provides a point of rendezvous where you can indulge in coffee, tea or beer sourced from local, eco-responsible breweries. The art gallery will offer the chance for emerging artists to have high visibility, in addition to creating a new market for more affordable art.

Ryan Turner – Ashdown Capital
British Columbia

Ashdown Capital is a firm that assists entrepreneurs in finding financing for their businesses and projects at the most favourable terms — for them, not the bank. Having worked with companies in the start-up and micro-space, as well as multinationals Ashdown Capital maintains a firm presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with over $250 million in revenue.

Cassandra Pichette – Développements Greatway Inc.

Développements Greatway Inc. is a real estate development and promotion business located in Québec City with a core mission of targeting the international market with real estate projects. Développements Greatway Inc. maintains a mission which ensures every project becomes a collective source of pride. At Greatway, the experienced team is paired with a network composed of hard-working professionals.

Thierry Lindor, Influence Orbis Inc.
Influence Orbis Inc. is a Modern Media company which creates, produces and distributes content in an innovative and inclusive fashion. Influence Orbis Inc. works to imagine spaces and platforms where industry leaders bring value to their communities by inspiring, informing and influencing their participants and clients.

Zavosh Zaboliyan, Click
Click is a mobile banking platform offering real-time payment solutions. Click is one of the fastest growing fintech companies lowering transaction fees for businesses around the world and empowering them to have financial control. Click’s application enables users to send and receive money as fast as email or text messaging with access to a built-in consumer marketplace.

Ambreen Khan, Momentify
Momentify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily find others to work next to in cafes to stay motivated, increase their productivity and meet other like-minded individuals.

Lediona Canellari, Farmium
Farmium is a Startup that provides smart green roofs for buildings in Toronto using distributed sensor nodes, hydroponic technology and a machine learning algorithm. Farmium aims to tackle the issue of food transportation to city centre by growing food locally, maintaining nutritional value and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Emmanuel Cameron, The Garage & co.
The Garage & co. is the first incubator on the Montreal South-Shore. The Garage & co. is actively involved in the development of an entrepreneurial community in the Montérégie region, with the creation of a dynamic network of businesses and partners. In doing so, The Garage & co. offers an alternative that guarantees high quality and an easier access to services.

Clinton Senkow – Influencive
Influencive is an online media company that shares unconventional wisdom from influential minds around the world focused on entrepreneurship, success, and blockchain technology.

Louis-Charles Gagnon – LS2 Services Conseils
Created in 2007, LS2 is an IT services company specializing in the development of management solutions and cloud migration.

Carl Beauséjour – Zélé Productions
Zéle Productions specializes in sales of LED and LCD products, of advertisement placements, of brand image, of video and TV production, and design and production of tailored shows.

Nolte Burke – XOMBO Software Inc.
British Columbia
XOMBO is artificial intelligence for personal trainers. We continuously monitor clients’ diet and exercise habits and let their trainer know if they need more help so they can achieve their health and weight-loss goals.

Pablo Stevenson – Ressac
Ressac is a numerical marketing agency that has been in business for more than 12 years and that generates opportunities for numerical growth for renowned clients.  Pablo has also launched Soko.ai, an AdTech technology supported by Real Ventures that allows editors to generate new revenues and mitigate the migration of revenues towards Google and Facebook.

Cierra Bray – CGal Media
Founded in 2016, CGal Media is an event production company in Windsor, Ontario, that hosts community, entrepreneurial and wellness events.

Jadi Kindred – Accent Unique Inc.
Accent Unique Inc., is an accredited language school that specializes in helping business professionals and entrepreneurs learn English or French. Since 2011, Accent Unique Inc., has helped clients gain confidence to expand their businesses into international markets.

Michel Kigma Lord – Solutions Nexarts Inc.
Solutions Nexarts Inc., is an agency that specialises in IT management solutions for cities, municipalities and private businesses in the sports and recreation industry. Solutions Nexarts Inc. has positioned themselves as a leader in in the province of Quebec and are looking for opportunities for growth in Canada and abroad.

Adam Camenzuli – Karibu Solar Power
KARIBU Solar Power is a social enterprise that makes energy available at the price of kerosene. KARIBU designed, manufactured and distributed solar “hockey puck” kits for East Africa. These solar kits are income-producing assets for entrepreneurs and also an affordable way to buy light (and mobile phone charging) for end-consumers. The solar kit consists of two “hockey puck” rechargeable lights/phone chargers and one solar panel as well as instructional information and marketing materials. We call it the “hockey puck” because it looks like a hockey puck (we have Canadian roots) and contains a rechargeable battery, LED and USB phone charger.

Delegation Leaders & Partners:
Olivier Letard – G20 YEA President for Canada
Olivier Letard, a Futurpreneur Canada Board member, is a dynamic, well-known leader and serial entrepreneur who has created and invested in internationally recognized and successful businesses from a variety of industries, such as engineering, film production, software, restaurant businesses, real estate and travel.

Dan Ouimet – G20 YEA Sherpa for Canada
As Futurpreneur Canada’s Senior Vice President of External Engagement, Dan leads the Corporate and Public Affairs team at Futurpreneur. Dan also manages the operations of the Futurpreneur Foundation, a charitable foundation created by Futurpreneur Canada with a focus on entrepreneurial education and skills training.
Dan has served as the Chief of Staff for Ontario’s Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, where he led the Minister’s team in achieving the Minister’s and the government’s priorities. Dan’s professional experience includes more than 20 years in public affairs in both senior corporate affairs and government roles, directly advising senior federal and provincial cabinet Ministers and senior corporate leaders.

Alexandre Fainberg – Partner Delegate
Alexandre Fainberg is a business process reengineering consultant and canny entrepreneur.  He is also a Futurpreneur Canada Mentor as well as a veteran G20 YEA delegate and delegate-partner, helping young entrepreneurs navigate through today’s competitive, technology-driven world.
He has worked over 20 years in the aerospace and defense, banking, telecommunications, and retail industry with notable clients such as Bombardier Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, National Bank of Canada, Rolls Royce, Videotron and Cirque du Soleil. He has also participated in 5 different start-ups.
His areas of expertise are strategic business modeling, sales and distribution, logistics and materials management. A full member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he holds a BComm (2000), and MBA (2006) from the John Molson School of Business, and several certifications from software giant SAP AG.

Jennifer LeBrun – Partner Delegate
Always keen to explore and act on life’s opportunities, 2011 Jennifer founded and created ULAT Dryer Balls – the original and only patented wool dryer ball in the world. What began as Christmas gifts for her family has developed into a social enterprise dominating this new category.
Awarded Startup Canada BC & North Woman Entrepreneur of 2016, Jennifer is committed to empowering, aligning and igniting shared value companies and individuals with providing profitable commerce with a conscious contribution.
Having worked in international business while living in Japan, Jennifer is pleased to participate in years event.
ULAT Dryer Balls was recipient of 2018 Small Business BC Premiers Choice Top 5 Business. Jennifer is a
Futurpreneur Mentor, is a Council Member for HRH Prince Charles Campaign for Wool Canada and was the first to represent Canada in this international endeavor.


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