New Brunswick declares 2011 the Year of the Entrepreneur

October 17, 2011

Lamèque (NB), October 17, 2011 – The New Brunswick Government has kicked off Small Business Week by joining other parts of the country in showing local entrepreneurs how much they matter by declaring 2011 the Year of the Entrepreneur in the province.

Earlier this year, the Government of Canada adopted a recommendation to make the declaration nation-wide. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, celebrating its 15th anniversary, put forward the joint proposal. Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud made today’s announcement at CFIB’s 40th anniversary event in Lamèque, New Brunswick.

“Entrepreneurship is so vital to the health and sustainability of our local economies,” said Richard Dunn, CFIB Policy Analyst, adding “Our hope is that this announcement will not only be a celebration of the things entrepreneurs bring to our communities but also seen as a challenge to have government link policy initiatives that support our local businesses.”

”The Canadian Youth Business Foundation is very pleased that the Government of New Brunswick is demonstrating their commitment to entrepreneurship by declaring 2011 the Year of the Entrepreneur,” said Nicole Smith, Director Atlantic of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. “Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind economic prosperity, job creation and innovation of this province and across the country. Increasing support and visibility for entrepreneurship in New Brunswick will help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

CFIB pointed to this year’s cut in the small business corporate tax rate as a great move towards being small business-friendly. Dunn also remains hopeful that government will link the Year of the Entrepreneur to a formal red-tape reduction initiative designed to make it easier for business owners to comply with a growing inventory of rules and regulations.

“Good public policy can go a long way to promote entrepreneurial communities,” said Dunn. “Today’s declaration of the Year of the Entrepreneur is an important step and CFIB will be watching to ensure government links this announcement to initiatives supporting the growth of entrepreneurship in New Brunswick.”

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 97 per cent of all businesses across the province, employ 52 per cent of all working New Brunswickers, and support countless local charities and sports teams. New Brunswick’s future depends on the continuing contributions of entrepreneurs.

For further information please contact the New Brunswick office at (506) 855-2526 or via email at

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