Your dream of becoming a business owner is closer than you think

May 1, 2013

Corporal Yance Sheehan spent the past 17 years serving our country, so when he was being released due to medical issues, it left him wondering what his options were for the future.

“The prospect of retiring was both stressful and at times scary. The past few months were full of doubts – how would I forge ahead in civilian life,” he explained.

If you are a transitioning military member, you may be facing similar challenges about choosing that next step in your career path.

As a valued Armed Forces member, you are a risk-taker and share a strong set of attributes with successful entrepreneurs – like determination, courage and solid organizational skills – that translate easily into owning and operating a business. While business ownership may seem like a big leap for some, it is often a natural shift for military personnel, offering a viable and exciting future career opportunity.

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur Program helps you transition from your military career to one as an entrepreneur through the following resources:

  • Entrepreneurial education and business plan support
  • Start-up and growth financing
  • Specialized business mentoring
  • “Based in Business” boot camp
  • Networking and community support

Knowing he wanted to start his own business, but needing some direction and education, Yance turned to The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur.

“The dream of starting my own business, being my own boss, only became a reality by attending the Based in Business program at Memorial University in Newfoundland in July 2012. The tools and insight I gained by attending the program are priceless. My impending retirement from Her Majesty’s Canadian Forces and a fresh life and career in the civilian world is now met with excitement and not the fear of the unknown,” said Yance.

Have you thought about starting your own business but don’t know where to turn for help?  Visit today and apply to The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur to receive the education, financing and mentoring needed to start and sustain your own successful business.

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