Your dream of owning a business can come true

May 1, 2013

Lieutenant-Commander, Kathryn Hodgson was about to retire after 21 years of service with the Royal Canadian Navy, and she had a very clear second career path when she enrolled in a Registered Massage Therapy program.

She planned this career transition over several years and knew what resources were available – thanks to her experiences as a Personnel Selection Officer, which involved assisting military members transition from military to civilian by organizing and running the Second Career Assistance Network seminars and workshops.

However, Kathryn was very surprised to learn about Based in Business – a week-long entrepreneurial boot camp with all expenses paid. She was thrilled that this remarkable resource could further help with her entrepreneurial dream of building her own Massage Therapy practice.

If you are a transitioning military member, you may or may not have such a clear career plan for your future, but there are many resources to support you. The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur Program helps you transition from your military career to one as an entrepreneur through the following resources:

  • Entrepreneurial education and business plan support
  • Start-up and growth financing
  • Specialized business mentoring
  • “Based in Business” boot camp
  • Networking and community support

As a valued Armed Forces member, you are a risk-taker and share a strong set of attributes with successful entrepreneurs – like determination, courage and solid organizational skills – that translate easily into owning and operating a business. If you have an idea or skill that you’re passionate about turning into a business venture, there is a program that can help you pursue your dream.

“As participants in the program, we were blessed with this incredible opportunity to be taught, supported, mentored, and inspired by the best. The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur was an absolutely fantastic experience and it has set me on a course towards success in further developing and creating my business,” said Kathryn.

Have you thought about starting your own business but looking for further support?  Visit today and apply to The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur to receive the education, financing and mentoring needed to start and sustain your own successful business.