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Are you maximizing your mentoring relationship? Here’s your playbook.

Futurpreneur | March 10, 2015

Mentoring helps new businesses succeed, yet according to a study from Sage only 28% of small and medium sized businesses currently make use of their business mentors.  Whether you’re a mentor or an entrepreneur, a novice or a seasoned veteran, building a strong mentoring relationship and maximizing its value isn’t always intuitive.

We’ve worked together with our partners at the Business Development Bank of Canada to develop a new series of free online crash courses. These ten minute videos are geared toward helping mentors and entrepreneurs to build strong relationships that promote business success and growth.

Our Mentor Crash Course series answers the top questions we hear from mentors: “What’s my role? Am I providing value to the entrepreneur? How do I advise on new technologies like crowdfunding and social media?”  Here are a few highlights from the course series for mentors:

  1. How to guide your mentee through building a strong social media strategy. View this course
  2. Walking your mentee through the thought process behind deciding where to house a business. View this course
  3. Understanding crowdfunding as a major fundraising tool and helping your mentee take full advantage of it. View this course
  4. Helping your entrepreneur understand and build strong customer relationships. View this course

Our Entrepreneurship Crash Course series helps young entrepreneurs to navigate the mentoring relationship successfully and get the most from the mentor’s time. Here are a few highlights from the course series for entrepreneurs:

  1. How to leverage your mentor as your most valuable business asset. View this course
  2. What to expect from your mentoring relationship. View this course
  3. Tips for successful habits of good mentoring relationships. View this course
  4. Supporting your vision and values within the mentoring relationship. View this course

Our mentorship crash courses are filled with information for mentors and entrepreneurs – happy mentoring!