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Business pitching 101

Futurpreneur | February 26, 2013


Hillery Taylor founded Nest Family Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2011. As the only family centre created by an experienced health professional (Hillery is an RN), her goal is to provide knowledge and support to all expectant and young families. Hillery had this advice about business pitching:

Know your business inside and out. Understanding your business and all that goes with it is invaluable. Knowing your company’s ongoing finances, strengths, weaknesses, clientele, and direction will take your further.

Establish your elevator pitch and own it.  You will be asked many questions by potential clients and big-time business owners, and you need to know how to capture them in that brief minute. Keep it short and to the point, but practice and play with it until you find the right pitch that sells all of what you have to offer.

Understand your audience and pitch accordingly. Learn who your audience is so that you can pitch to their interests and peak them! You should learn a few different pitches, depending on who you are wanting to drawn in.

Be confident. You work hard at your business; know its strengths and show confidence in them. Work on your speaking skills and stand your ground when you pitch. When you are confident talking about your business, others will be confident in it too.

Be your company’s number one fan. Be proud of what you have accomplished! Your passion in your business will drive you further and everyone around you will be captivated by your enthusiasm. Turn it on when you need to, and make sure that you can motivate and inspire others to want to learn more about what you can offer them. Passion is contagious.