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Elements that really matter for the success of your business

Futurpreneur | June 25, 2013

Mylène Montpetit co-founded Éditions Exclamation Inc. in 2010 in St. Chrysostome, Québec. Specialized in the publication of educational digital books in 3D, Éditions Exclamation offer a unique and innovative product that allows children to discover the pleasure of reading and gain knowledge on various subjects, at school and at home. Mylène recognizes that training and mentoring contribute significantly to her personal development and the growth of the business, but she also advises young entrepreneurs to consider the following:

Develop a vision. Deciding to implement an idea and following one’s passion requires a lot of perseverance and hard work. You have to be patient and not skip any steps. You must also learn to believe in and trust yourself, face your fears, take risks and follow your intuition without ever losing sight of your objectives and what motivated you to start the business. Developing a vision, based on your deep convictions, will allow you to return to the foundation of your business in more difficult times.

Know how to surround yourself with the right people. Even the greatest leader cannot tackle the task alone; it can also be that one does not know where to start. You must create partnerships, expand your network of contacts, surround yourself with skilled people who believe in your project and share your values. A year ago, we took a risk in investing to participate in a book fair in Paris and ended up forging ties and highly successful partnerships. With our various partners, we have developed original and innovative projects that have allowed everyone to achieve their goals and mutually benefit from our respective assets.

Set yourself apart from the competition. To stand out from your competitors, it is not enough to know the needs of the customers. You will take your place in the market by paying attention, being receptive and ready to do more. You will then enjoy the support of the entire community. Identifying your niche, having an active presence in social media, developing a strategic plan to increase your visibility, and the word-of-mouth generated by the appreciation of the personalized service you offer to your customers, are all elements that will ensure your progress and establish the awareness of your brand, and this, without being bothered by the big players, such as multinationals.

Learn how to properly introduce yourself. To ensure the success of your product, you may have to knock on the door of many potential customers. You will need to learn how to stand with confidence, have good posture, smile and be yourself. Expect to work hard and practice expressing each step of your presentation in a clear, precise and concise manner. Everywhere you go and even in public, take care of your image. Always keep in mind that you embody your business.