• Social impact and sustainability

Every business can be socially-minded

Futurpreneur | April 9, 2013

Calgary, Alberta’s Christopher McLaren founded Fine Line Homes Ltd. in 2011, with the mission of being the most energy-efficient home builders in the country, using the latest in technology and innovation to provide customers with an affordable, custom-built dream home. Their eco-friendly focus helps customers save money while lowering the impact on the environment. It was only natural to ask Christopher for his advice for other entrepreneurs about being socially-minded:

  • Look to help. When Christopher started his business, he made the decision that he wouldn’t chase the money but let the money come to him. He has found that by putting people first and by focusing on helping others, that he has had much more success. “As you focus on putting people first and not on how to squeeze more money out of them, you will be rewarded and you’ll feel great about the work you’re doing,” said Christopher. The proof is in the amount of referral business he is receiving.
  • Give back. When we donate our time and talents to building a better community we are contributing to a greater cause then the simple focus of making money. Take a role in the community to help make a difference and to do something good. Join a committee, volunteer, sponsor or organize a charitable event. These can be simple but powerful ways to do good and use your growing influence in a positive way.
  • Be true. At the end of the day remember why you became an entrepreneur. Be honest with yourself and stick to the goal. Believe that you can make a difference and bring about change in your own way.

Every business can be socially-minded, not only will you feel great about the difference you’re making, but the payoffs are real.