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Flexibility is good for business

Futurpreneur | May 17, 2012

Scott Walton is the founder of Saint John, New Brunswick-based Enovex Technology Ltd., a sustainability-focused start-up developing a new class of gas production absorbents. He is also a Canadian delegate for the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Mexico this June. As a leader of a high-tech company, Scott knows that flexibility in the work place is critical to keeping employees productive and thinking creatively. He has this advice for entrepreneurs working to maintain flexible environments:

  • Autonomy – Giving your team the ability to customize the location and style of their workspace is key. No one enjoys having their boss peer over their shoulder continuously or having little privacy. Checking in on Twitter, The Chive, Facebook are great ways to sustain productivity. Restricting employees’ freedom can lead to trust barriers.
  • Have fun – We have washer toss boxes and bean bag toss set up in our office. Not only are they effective for winding down the week they are also real conversation starters when investors, partners, or colleagues walk in.
  • Co-habitation – Split the office with another start-up. It is a great way to absorb ideas and hold each another accountable for your goals. You can offset costs, share services and it is a source of motivation.

Find out more about Enovex at www.enovexcorp.com.