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Hello, My Name Is Douglas Leahey

Futurpreneur | November 20, 2013

I work at YES Montreal as a Business Coach and we are celebrating GEW because as the ‘go-to’ English entrepreneurship service provider in Quebec, YES understands and lauds the efforts and achievements of entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs actively contribute to and strengthen Quebec’s economic growth.

We are celebrating GEW by hosting daytime and evening workshops focusing on the theme of Women in Business from Monday, November 18 until Thursday, November 21. Taking a lead from our Women in Technology Program, we will be hosting workshops that will feature and highlight the female perspective on many issues in entrepreneurship. Please see www.yesmontreal.ca for more details.

I believe that entrepreneurship is important to Canada because entrepreneurship provides creative, dynamic people a platform to think outside the box and run with their ideas. Without the initiative and forward-thinking of Canada’s entrepreneurs, our nation will sag in the global competitive market. Entrepreneurs are willing to take an educated chance on an idea; they’re willing to take that extra risk, run that last hurdle in the hopes of making something of a dream.

Check out this list of GEW events hosted by YES Montreal here.

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