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Is entrepreneurship in your DNA?

Guest Blogger | August 28, 2012

Jean Chow, Business Coach & Strategist, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor, info@msbizwiz.com

Can entrepreneurship be learned and is it the same as leadership and sales-(wo)-manship? Is it a skill that can be improved, or is it that bit of “magic” that’s hard-wired in your DNA? What separates the highly qualified CEOs, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and yes, entrepreneurs from the ones who leave you shaking your head in shock and awe?

Certainly we can learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship; universities now offer ‘Entrepreneurship’ as an option like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Strategy, when studying for a Business degree. But have you ever considered evaluating your entrepreneurial potential?

Why not start by taking a self-evaluation questionnaire online; Google search “Are you an entrepreneur?” or try the Business Development Bank of Canada’s excellent resource using this link.

Also, have a look at Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge series, “A Litmus Test for Entrepreneurs” by Walter Kuemmerle, a HBS professor who has studied more than fifty start-ups in 20 countries.

Results from any quiz or test won’t guarantee a 100 percent success rate for being the next Mark Zuckerberg however, you can be sure that a bit of “magic” in your DNA will come in handy when all you have is hope!