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Share your story to influence your future

Futurpreneur | June 4, 2013

Brittany Hopkins opened her Anice Jewellery boutique in 2012 in one of Toronto, Ontario’s most eclectic communities, Kensington Market. Inspired by (and named for) her grandmother and designed with the intention of encouraging expression and uniqueness, her storefront boutique specializes in the art of mixing old gems and new materials, creating one-of-a-kind jewellery. They specialize in custom jewellery and collaborate with clients to create timeless pieces. Brittany had the following advice for fellow entrepreneurs about storytelling to market their businesses:

It’s all in the connection. Ask yourself these questions: What’s your inspiration? Why do you do what you do? What is that extra piece of information that will help you connect to your customers? Brittany’s story of inspiration from her grandmother gives her a personal connection with people; something in common that others can relate to. Your story doesn’t have to be as personal, but having that relatable quality will help people want to know more about you and your business, and if done properly can keep them coming back.

Who are you? Know what you do so well that you can tell it in few words, with a whole lot of feeling. More formally known as the ‘elevator pitch,’ this is something to practice in the mirror, test out on friends and say out loud as much as you can in the first months. Eventually it will flow easily and anytime someone asks to know “a bit about your business,” you’ll be able to inform them fully, with confidence, and without talking their ear off!

Tap into different media to get your message out. Using social media, product descriptions, inspiration discussions etc., you can remind customers what you do and how authentically you do it. Brittany says her shtick is, “Old Treasures. New Love.” She constantly hashtags this phrase with her photos (on Twitter and Instagram) and tells the story of each piece when describing the breakdown of the old and new components. “I never hold back my excitement over finding amazing treasures, being obsessed with new pieces I make, and how thrilled I am to share them with others,” explained Brittany. This pure excitement reminds people that the work she does comes with a whole lot of love and sincerity.