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Soak up advice from successful entrepreneurs

Futurpreneur | August 28, 2012

Adam Redmond, founder of Speed Matrix Canada in Calgary, Alberta, originally created his sport video analysis company in 1998, specifically for swimming. It has since evolved into a high performance motion analysis company specializing in biomechanical technique training for cyclists and hockey players. His primary goal and focus is to ensure performance is enhanced while increasing the overall enjoyment of the sport for the athlete.

When asked if he thinks entrepreneurship can be learned, Adam agreed and offered this advice:

Absorb information from other entrepreneurs. For Adam, Sir Richard Branson epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship and he would definitely recommend that every aspiring entrepreneur read, Screw It, Let’s Do it or Business Stripped Bare. Branson recounts his ‘unglamorous’ beginnings and shares great advice about his path to success that everyone can learn from.

Be fully invested in your business. “Unless you are ‘all in,’ there will always be a crutch that could keep you from failing, but that same crutch will also prevent you from truly experiencing success in your business endeavours,” says Adam. No matter what you choose to pursue, being fully invested means the difference between having a good idea or business and a great one, so don’t be afraid…go ‘all in!’