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Staying on top of the game

Futurpreneur | March 6, 2012

With experience as an elite-level athlete, Mike Booth knows that unfortunately, stumbles are a part of life. However, as a successful entrepreneur and founder of Massage Athletica, a massage therapy clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he also knows that with determination and the right attitude, stumbles are an opportunity to learn and grow. Mike has this advice for entrepreneurs overcoming challenges and working to build a solid business:

  • Focus on your niche – In the early months of a start-up it is tempting to sell out to a broader market. At Massage Athletica, we made the decision to focus on our target market, even though initially it resulted in lower sales. You stand a better chance at success if you concentrate your entire business on one or a few specific niches.
  • Stand for something – If you’re trying to be everything to everybody, there is a good chance you’ll attract no one.  Experts are not good at everything, they’re great at one thing. People seek out specialists, not generalists.
  • Create a strong team – It is impossible to be successful without a solid team. Helpful, passionate employees go a long way in establishing credibility within your target market.
  • Be consistent – In establishing your brand, you need to be consistent. Whether you are marketing through article writing, social media campaigns or the employees you hire, everything you do must represent a consistent brand image.

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