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Success – learnings, characteristics and predictions

Guest Blogger | January 29, 2013

Sidney Halpern, FCA, Chartered Accountant, Winnipeg, MB, CYBF Mentor

What I have learned the past year:

From Zig Ziglar – a motivational speaker who passed away recently, “Attitude not aptitude determines altitude.” Retain a positive and optimistic attitude and focus on your goals and aim high but reasonably. Listen and learn from successful people who will energize you, especially younger people who tend to be more optimistic which is infectious.

Definition of success:

Success is defined as achieving happiness in a well-balanced life. Happiness is a subjective ideal based on one’s own perspectives of life. My personal view of happiness is good family and friends; good reputation of integrity, honesty; good value system and trustworthiness (just being a nice person); giving back to the community; reasonable material achievements and serenity in the heart and mind.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur:

  • Has a clear vision and mission;
  • Has a clear and specific plan for achievement;
  • Has perspicacity to choose the appropriate people, motivate and inspire them to form a cohesive team;
  • Has wisdom, determination, persistence and focus to achieve success.

Predictions and tips for the business year ahead:

The economic climate for 2013 is going to be great. Companies have shed excess expenses during the recession, and well managed companies were able to establish sound economic bases from which to grow in the years ahead. Our banking system is sound so they will start taking on more risk in lending, which will ease borrowing for start-up and established businesses. There is an abundance of cash on the sidelines waiting for investment opportunities, so start-up companies will find it easier to move forward and access capital. The recession will have impacted the thinking of businesses to become more conservative and prudent in their business decisions so that should bode well for more success in business.