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Take time to invest in yourself and your business

Futurpreneur | September 11, 2012

Happy Belly Bakery Inc.’s founder, Aaron McInnis can’t wait to make your day sweeter. Based in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Aaron and his team make everything from scratch and pride themselves on quality. “We create an experience, a memory for our customers, one that they will be excited for and tell their friends about,” says Aaron who also has the following four tips for young entrepreneurs:

Learn new techniques and expand your knowledge.  A great idea can be sparked, or a problem you’re having can be solved, by doing some internet research or by attending industry-specific events. No matter what business you’re starting, take advantage of the resources available to you because there’s no such thing as too much knowledge.

Get to know your community. Businesses that survive and thrive take the time to meet their customers and get involved in their communities, because they understand the huge impact this has on their bottom line and referral rates. What differentiates many businesses today is the customer experience.

Take time to solicit feedback. Ask your customers about their experiences and whether they have any suggestions for future. You can learn a lot from both positive and negative responses, especially if you choose to see them as learning opportunities.

Stay true to yourself and your business. For Aaron, it’s about using fresh ingredients and making his baked goods from scratch, even if that’s more time consuming. Don’t lose your original passion and beliefs as you attempt to please everyone around you or else you may end up despising your business.

By continually investing in yourself and your business, you are able to stay one step ahead of trends and challenges, and by satisfying your customers’ needs (while providing an exceptional experience), you will have proven to them that you know and care for your business and its success.