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Taking a Look at an Incredible Mentor

Futurpreneur | January 11, 2010

Sarah Khallad, Melanie Breitkreutz and Rosemarie Enslin

A new year – and a chance to profile one of our amazing mentors – an award winner from 2009.

Rosemarie Enslin is our CYBF National and Alberta Outstanding Mentor Award winner. Read on to learn a bit more about this incredible PR maven, and amazing mentor to two CYBF entrepreneurs.

She may be an award-winning mentor for young entrepreneurs, but Rosemarie Enslin would still like to have some support for herself, even after starting her own PR business Enslin Group, 25 years ago.

“I’d like a mentor if only to find out about what to expect as a woman in my age group. We’re full of energy, we’ve got lots of ideas, we’ve got lots of experience – I’m not ready to retire. Can we mentor each other?”

Even without a mentor of her own, Rosemarie has nothing but enthusiasm for her young entrepreneurs, saying she bursts with pride when she watches them take their first steps into the business world. She adds that the relationship she was with her two protégés is one of give and take.

“I totally expected to do all the giving by being a mentor, and I have to tell you, I’ve been experiencing a whole lot of ‘getting,’” Rosemarie says, marvelling at what she’s experienced as a mentor. “The rewards I’ve had from mentoring these two entrepreneurs have been amazing. I’ve learned as much from them as I think I’ve contributed to them.”

The PR maven says she’s also learned that Canadian business owners need to speak up on the global stage as well, saying “The world needs more Canada. We need to champion ourselves. We need to brag about ourselves. We have so much to brag about.”