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The chaste idea

Guest Blogger | August 21, 2013

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” — Bill Gates

No matter how good the idea is, don’t assume it will grow on its own. You have to develop, share, communicate, refine and make it work. In today’s technology, idea-sharing transcends to the level of perpetual influx.

Social media provides the channels for growth. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube your friends, family, and friends of friends plus their networks are yours to share. Thus as you start your business and have products or services you want to promote, the people you can work with will be the same people you know or people who know you who may be interested in working with you.

Our global village today is the Internet, and a recent study shows that 8.3 Canadians out of 10 surf the Internet. In a crowded space, you nod at people you recognize and this is followed by a reciprocal acknowledgement. Instant confidence will spur you to talk with the people you meet.

By Francisco Lingad, ANCL Export Import Canada, LLP, Vancouver, BC, CYBF mentor