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The CYBF Village – Entrepeer

Futurpreneur | January 29, 2013

For many entrepreneurs, their business is their “baby”- and we all know it takes a village to raise a child. Here at CYBF, we never want our entrepreneurs to feel like they are alone in their journey, or that they can’t get the advice they need. So we are bringing the CYBF community together to create the village that our entrepreneurs need to build successful businesses.

The CYBF community is made up of CYBF entrepreneurs, mentors, staff, community partners, expert advisors, Local Review Committee members and others in the entrepreneurial sphere across Canada. This community is growing every day and here at CYBF, we have developed a program called Entrepeer to help this community connect and to provide our entrepreneurs with the support they need. The main goal of Entrepeer is to provide a forum for members of the CYBF community to communicate, share ideas and to collaborate. Here are three ways that Entrepeer can help you:

Entrepeer Experience is a series of face-to-face networking events at Keg Steakhouse and Bar locations across Canada. Each event is attended by CYBF staff, mentors, entrepreneurs, community partners and Local Review Committee members. January and February events are listed below. If you are a CYBF community member who wishes to attend an event, please email entrepeer@cybf.ca to request an invitation. Don’t see your city listed here? Keep an eye on the CYBF events calendar for more 2013 events:

  • Waterloo, Ontario – February 5th
  • Toronto, Ontario – February 12th
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – February 20th
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – February 20th
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – February 25th
  • Regina, Saskatchewan – February 26th
  • Hamilton, Ontario – February 27th
  • Laval, Quebec – February 27th

Entrepeer Hub is CYBF’s online LinkedIn group where the CYBF community gets together to share ideas, thoughts and advice. The Hub uses topic-specific subgroups where entrepreneurs and their mentors can get advice from expert advisors on challenges related to business expansion, marketing, financing and so much more! Search “CYBF Entrepeer” on www.linkedin.com, request to join and get talking today.

Entrepeer Vibe is CYBF’s e-newsletter which is full of useful tools and information from and for business professionals. Volunteer contributors from our network of entrepreneurs, mentors and volunteers provide valuable content to help fellow business owners achieve and maintain successful ventures. Watch for the upcoming issue in your inbox or sign up here to start receiving the Vibe e-newsletter.

Tapping into the CYBF community through the Entrepeer program allows our entrepreneurs to access the help and guidance they need to succeed. At CYBF, we are proud to support our entrepreneurs through this program.