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The early bird – and those who stay motivated – catches the worm

Futurpreneur | December 10, 2013

By Sophie Dudot, Client Relationship Manager, Canadian Youth Business Foundation

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, I had the chance to visit one of CYBF’s partners, the CLD de Marguerite-d’Youville, on the South shore, en route to Québec. Jonathan Jutras, CLD’s entrepreneurship advisor and coordinator of the CYBF program, organized a meeting with two businesses of the region. Let’s visit the bakery Ma mie est chaude.

Upon arrival, all your senses are awakened. In the parking lot, the aroma of freshly baked bread greets you. Once inside, you see the bakers in action through a bay window behind the counter.

On the other side of the window, I met Francis and Laurent, the baker and pastry chef. They are the creators behind the original pastries and delicious pretzels (inspired by the Alsace region in France, where Laurent was born) available at Ma mie est chaudes.

The bakery opened its doors a month ago and has been full ever since. However, Ma mie est chaude came close to not opening at all. Francis and Laurent spent a whole year looking for a space to rent. They lost the first location because the financing was not confirmed on time and the second one because the owner did not believe in the business would be successful. They visited two others before finding the right one. It is a large building where two new stoves will be installed to meet the increasing demand.

What advice do Francis and Laurent have for young people considering entrepreneurship? Persevere! Follow your dreams and do not get discouraged. If you have a partner, encourage one another. When you face obstacles, always keep your primary goal in mind – the success of your business!